An Overview Of Granite Countertop


Granite, glass, wood, or ceramic worktop? We present our most popular materials for the kitchen worktop with advantages and disadvantages.

Options For Designing Kitchen Countertops

In addition to the kitchen front, a kitchen element should be given special attention: the worktop. After all, all kitchen work from cutting vegetables to preparing meat is done on it. That is why the work surface in the kitchen must meet special requirements. It should be stable and scratch-proof. Ideally also easy to care for and easy to clean. The optics must also fit. However, you are spoiled for choice: There are numerous materials for the worktop. We have listed the most common surfaces with their advantages and disadvantages in this magazine article.

What You Need To Know About The Countertop In The Kitchen

In principle, you can’t go wrong with a kitchen worktop. Choose the most suitable from one of the many materials, and you already have a surface on which kitchen work can be done.

A classic worktop has to withstand a lot. That is why it is around 40 millimeters thick. On the other hand, a slimmer version is becoming more modern and famous: the slim worktop.

Slim Countertops

With an incredibly slim shape of only 12 millimeters, the slim worktop is a delicate finish over the kitchen cabinets. In particular, this trend variant makes designer hearts beat faster because it looks exquisite and enhances high-quality kitchens.

Of course, the narrow plate model is not relatively as stable as a plate more than three times as thick, which is why there are a few things to consider when installing:

Do not install the sink under, but flush with the surface.

Create reinforcement through substructures or closed bodies

Granite Countertops Materials

Granite is one of the geologically oldest natural materials. It consists of a mixture of quartz, feldspar, and mica. Originality and grain shape its unique character. In the kitchen, the natural material has a rustic character, so it is ideal in combination with country-style kitchens.

Similar to quartz stone slabs, granite countertops belong to the natural stone sector. Many types of natural stone are distinguished here. Depending on the components’ composition, a different color is created, which makes every granite worktop unique.

Features Of Granite Countertops

Properties: Granite is mostly resistant to moisture, heat, and cuts, making it the perfect material for countertops in the kitchen.

Color & surface: Granite worktops are available on many different surfaces: polished, flamed or stained.

Price & Quality: Because granite is a challenging and resistant natural material, it also has a long lifespan. Depending on the variety, this has its price. You can get dark granite worktops from around € 200. Unique textures and colors can then be a little more expensive.

Cleaning: Natural stone made of granite is one of the kitchen’s easy-care materials and is therefore relatively easy to maintain. However, some types should be treated with special maintenance oil from time to time to protect the surface from stains because the surface is not closed but has tiny pores and cracks. You can find out more about this in pro stone countertops

Kathy McDonough