Benefits of Using High-End Tile Cleaning Solutions

Tile Cleaning Solutions

A home should contribute to its residents’ health and well-being. People spend significant amounts of time at home. Cleaning your tile floors properly with high-grade tile cleaning solutions is crucial for maintaining your home or property. Tiles are one of the most common building materials in modern dwellings. Tiles are the greatest option since they don’t include fibres that trap pet dander and other allergens. However, you must maintain the tiled floors and walls of your home to reap the many health benefits. This is not an easy chore, given how busy the average homeowner is. Keeping the tiles in your home clean, on the other hand, increases the health and well-being of the occupants. The following are some reasons you should keep your home’s tiles clean to improve your health and well-being in the long run.

The Floor Appears To Be As New As The New One

Rapid Clean Newcastle uses specialised cleaning equipment and steam levels to remove dirt and grime from the tiles. It reveals its true colour and brightness only after it is cleaned with tile cleaning solutions. With the help of competent staff and equipment, you can clean any old tile and make it appear like new.


T&G Restore Cleaner is a specialised cleaning solution for worn black tiles and grout lines. T&G Restore’s low pH solution contains no hydrofluoric, hydrochloric, sulfamic, or phosphoric acids and is, therefore, more strong and effective while remaining safe and pleasant to use. Mineral scale, efflorescence, cement/grout smear, embedded stains and soap scum are easily removed with T&G Restore. It is effective on general filth and is ideal for grout restoration prior to applying a sealer.

T&G Restore is a sophisticated low pH stone and grout restoration product that produces excellent results while being lower in toxicity and OHS ratings.

Applications Suggestions

T&G Restore cleaning solution is suitable for use on all man-made tiles. However, use quarry tiles, sandstone, slate, and terracotta with caution. T&G Restore can be used on flamed or sawn granites and bluestones but not on acid-sensitive surfaces or polished surfaces such as polished granite, limestone, marble, and other natural stone. Although it is doubtful that non-ferrous metals (such as aluminium) will be marked, always test before use.

Excellent for cleaning filthy tiles. Especially useful in the repair of showers, washrooms, pool surrounds, builders cleaning, and grout smear removal.

Allergen Reduction

Tiles and other flat surfaces gather dust and other particles, which are disturbed when you or a member of your family walks on them. Dust, allergies, and germs taint the air you breathe and irritate your lungs over time. These chemicals can have a negative impact on your and your family’s health. This may result in watery eyes, frequent sneeze episodes, and numerous respiratory ailments in the long run. In addition, asthma and other comparable illnesses may develop due to this. Mould and mildew are harmful allergens that grow in moist, humid environments. The tiles in your kitchen and bathroom are more likely to harbour mildew and mould than any other section of your home. Touching mould spores can cause a rash in you or your loved ones, and inhaling them can cause sneezing. That is why you must keep your home’s tiles and grout clean at all times. This will help lower the risk of unpleasant skin and respiratory diseases in the long run.

With high-grade tile cleaning chemicals from Rapid Clean Newcastle, your tiles will stay cleaner for much longer. The dirt and grime on the tiles and grout require more than soap and vinegar to remove. Harsh chemicals and tools might harm your home’s tiles and grout. An expert knows how to solve the problem without causing damage. 

There is a solution for every problem regarding tile cleaning products. If you require advice to make the best decision, don’t hesitate to contact our dependable team. Browse our entire range online or contact us right away!

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