Better indoor air quality can help make your home in Texas better


Better indoor air quality (IAQ) lessens the rate of the sensitivity you are open to, whereby making good indoor and healthy surroundings that bounds your sensitivity signs. Every month of May is the month set for Allergies Awareness month. So this is the time to think about how to improve your wellbeing in the home. Call 1st Class Air Service for AC Repairs Texas

Texas Spring Allergies in homes and how to get rid of them?

Why are allergens problem at home when trees, flowers, grass etc all occur outside. You can see Pollen in your home when you open your doors, windows, on your clothes and shoes when you come out. 

If the pollen has gotten into your home then it will spread to every part of the living room and also to every other place in your home because the cooling power will blow everything around.

Fight Texas Allergens Indoors

There are two ways to fight against allergens in your home: preserve some allergens outside and eradicate the ones at home

  1. Preserving some allergens outside: how to prevent allergens from coming into your home, first you need to 
  • Stop staying outdoors in the morning and afternoon when the pollen amounts are very high
  • Avoid wearing your shoes inside, always off them outside
  • And if you love wearing shoes inside your home, then you need to get two doormats for inside and outside so that the pollen from the footwear will fall on it.
  • When you go inside after staying outside, you need to change your clothes, when you wash your clothes make sure you dry them inside and don’t hang them outside or else they will have more allergens on them.
  • Also when you go inside you must take a shower so as to eradicate all the allergens on your body.
  • Always keep the doors and windows closed; if you need a cool breeze then you need to put on the cooling system for comfort. 
  • Lastly patch all open around your windows and doors to prevent the air from outside to come into your home.


  1. Eradicate Allergens in the Home:  you can never predict that allergens cannot get into your home. So you need to know how to eradicate allergens in your home, you need to remove them every day and clean the things that has them:
  • Empty and dust all places in your home everyday 
  • Always clean and wash your rugs because the rugs always hold a large number of the allergens at home.
  • Also always wash your window cover and other beddings in hot water so as to remove the allergens on it.
  • Reduce the way you use fan at home so that it will not allow the allergens elements to surface. 
  • Always bath your pets every week so as to remove pollen from their body.
  •  Use purification for air that work together with your AC to eradicate all allergens flowing in the air.
  • Always change your heater sieve regularly so that the allergens will not get into it.


Kathy McDonough