Decking Cost Calculator- A Great Alternative to Timber Decking

Choose sustainable and affordable material to make your home safe and secure. Always go for materials that are sustainable, which last for a long time, eco-friendly, and do not diminish the reserve of the rainforest of this habitable planet. Reputed companyuse wood waste like sawdust, industrial plastic waste, and rice shell; all materials are recyclable. Apart from deforestation, it minimizes garbage management. Select brands that are not only eco-friendly; but saves a lot of government exchequer. Garbage is used for landfill, which is a very expensive procedure. Landfill sites pollute the environment to a considerable degree and require a lot of funds. The government can use these funds on more welfare activities like basic health care and education.

The products

Any reputed company products are easy to install; as they are delivered, they can be put to use for both indoor and outdoor applications. You do not have to paint, polish, or oil them like wood to keep it fit and perfect. It is a white ant and termite resistant, and mold and mildew cannot harm it. Mildew is white, grey, or yellow in color, and mold is of green or black color, which grows on the moist surface. You just have to wash the deck with water and detergent to maintain it. The deck is also devoid of sharp edges and splinters. The products are eco-friendly, attractive, and easy to install. You can use a Decking cost calculator for assessing the cost of maintaining hardwood decking.

Best grade products

WPC (wood plastic composite) timber is a substitute product made from plastic, cellulose (wood, bamboo, rice husk). It was invented in the USA in the early 1980`s/1990`s. It is primarily used for decking and constantly evolving and improving. The maintenance cost of composite timber is very low and does not require oiling or painting. There are various types of quality of composite timber, depending on the quality and quantity of raw material used. It also depends on the profile of the extrusion (a procedure to produce objects of the preset cross-sectional profile), quality of manufacturing, and on the knowledge, the skill of the manufacturer. High-grade composite timber manufacturers use best grade industrial recycled plastic, virgin plastic, pigments, fungicides, insecticides, UV inhibitors, rice husk, and hardwood dust.


Solid composite timber decking can withstand harsh weather conditions than hollow composite timber decking. The former has better strength, design, and moisture absorption capacity. Before buying composite timber, consider its` weather withstanding capacity and finished look. The installation and conceal fixing process of all composite timber is not the same. Choose which is easy to use, reduce installation time, and economically priced.


Paul Petersen