Expert advice for choosing the right aim pendant light!

The pendant light is one of the favorite playgrounds of manufacturers and designers. Thus, this lighting comes in a multitude of shapes, lengths, colors, so much so that it can sometimes be difficult to choose the perfect model.

The pendant light, beyond a simple light source

Thanks to the boundless creativity of the designers, the aim pendant luminaire provides lighting while blending in with interior and exterior decoration. On the internet or in stores, take the time to choose one or more models that reflect your style and your personality. Play, for example, on high-quality colored materials, such as wood, glass, wood, plastic, metal.

In which room to install a pendant light?

The pendant light is a versatile luminaire! It can be attached to the ceiling of any room in the house:

  • The dining room, where it will light up the top of the table where you take your meals;
  • In a hallway or your entrance;
  • Above a staircase;
  • In the kitchen;
  • On either side of a bed instead of bedside lamps;
  • In the bathroom;
  • At the foot of the bed
  • The aim pendant light can illuminate in several ways

The suspension is to be fixed to the ceiling, but depending on the color and intensity of its bulb, it can provide one of the three layers of lighting recommended by specialists:

General lighting: by being equipped with a light diffuser or a semi-opaque bulb, the aim pendant lamp will deliver a homogeneous luminosity throughout the room.

Work lighting: opt for a glass or acrylic pendant, open at the top to balance the other lighting in the room.

Auxiliary or accent lighting: find the perfect aim pendant light at Côté Lumière to complement other lighting or highlight certain areas of the house. In the first case, opt for the installation of a dimmer. In the second case, choose a fabric shade.

How to choose the right size pendant light?

Important points to remember

The diameter of your aim pendant light must be adapted to the size of the room it equips. The smaller the latter, the smaller the size of your luminaire.

Measure the height, length and width of the room where you are going to attach your pendant light.

Take the time to adjust the height of your flos aim light when installing it so that it does not interfere with traffic, the view and the entire room.

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