Factors to Consider Before Installing Fliegle Insect Screens

Factors to Consider Before Installing Fliegle Insect Screens

Insects can freely enter our homes when leaving the doors and windows open, which isn’t a good thing especially when you have kids. If you have a family member who has allergies to these small creatures, then get rid of them. We can’t always spray insecticides all over the house because the odor is too strong for our children.

That’s why we have to find another solution that won’t involve chemicals that are polluting the air. We can always find help through Fliegle experts whom we’ll be dealing with when it comes to window or door screens. They’re capable of installing these pieces of stuff perfectly with their competent skills and experience in this field.

Keep in mind that this home project concerns our overall well-being because bugs may carry various viruses or bacteria. Now, if your passageways are blocked by using nets or mesh, then there’s no way for these flies and mosquitoes to pass through. So, if you want to install them on your property, learn what factors must be considered before starting such a project.

Frames, Shape, and Size

The frames must be durable so they will last long, such as steel or aluminum. Remember that you may sometimes open the windows for fresh air or sunlight. They must fit in as well; thus, these frames shouldn’t stack up when closing or opening them.

Accurate measurements must be taken for perfect installation. The experts must do this to ensure that the frames will fit properly. It doesn’t matter what shape or how wide they are as long as they’re measured accurately.

Sizes could be wider or shorter, depending on the complexity of the design. Professionals have special tools for more accurate measurement – click https://selbermachen.de/tools-tipps/werkzeug/das-messen-von-laengen to learn more tips. Thus, I advise you to seek their assistance since you’ll be contracting them.

Design and Function

Anyway, designs will surely be for you to decide, though it would be great if you’ll seek a professional for consultation. Before they install them on your property, they’ll need to inspect your place. In this way, it would be easier for them to help you with your demands.

You have a wide range of options when it comes to designs and you’ll be pretty sure to find something that suits your house decor. Most people would love to have something elegant and innovative at the same time. So, you may choose from a traditional to a retractable style.

If it’s for your door with a wide opening, then it must be something flat. For a sturdy appeal and more visible style, you may try the pleated ones.

Type of Screen

You have a lot of options here. It could be sliding, retractable, magnetic, etc. I suppose you’ll select the one that suits your home’s interior.

However, you should pick something that would be easier to install, fit, and detach. When colors are available, you’ll surely choose what you prefer. Some homeowners prefer dark colors, while others match them with their wall’s paint.


This project will depend on your budget because we have affordable to luxurious varieties. So, if you’re going to deal with the contractors, you should tell them how much your fund is. In this way, they can propose materials tailored to your finances.

Most of these contracting companies have the same rates when it comes to labor. What makes them different is the brand and their resources. Of course, you might have different sizes of doors and windows from your neighbors, thus, estimates would differ as well.



When you have pets at home, a different type of screen, such as mesh can be used. Remember that cats and dogs have sharp teeth, as well as claws. These may damage the protective insect screen.

Therefore, the material must be flexible and made of fiberglass. This is ideal also when you have young kids because such materials are rust and stain resistant.

Bushfire Attack Level

It has to pass the BAL standard, especially when your location is prone to bushfires. Thus, the BAL rating must be high to protect your house from such attacks.

Thus, the material used must be stainless steel for your safety. It comes with a BAL 40 rating and resists corrosion as well.

Strength and Durability

Of course, the material must be strong enough to fight all sorts of elements. We have weather, rust, stain, dust, and not to forget bugs. They may struggle to pass and block the tiny holes.

The most durable and affordable types are made of aluminum – find out more about this material. This is ideal for doors and windows. Make sure that they are coated with powdered charcoal to make it non-flammable.

Fiberglass is also a good option, but it is designed with a lower rating. It only has 29 BAL so it’s not an ideal material when in bushfire areas.

Edith Lindsay