Few Myths about Green Roof That Are Busted

Over the last few years, the concept of having a green roof on the house roof has become quite popular. People have also started growing different vegetables on their roof. However, with its popularity, plenty of misconceptions are also floating around like such roof needs plenty of maintenance, etc. However, most of them are not true.

You may also take RoofRepairInsider’s help and support to build green roof on your rooftop as they are experts in repairing and maintaining all roof-related problems. Now let us talk about a few myths that exist about green roofs and what are the facts?

Green roofs are only for experimentation by people promoting green choice.

You can find green roofs in many houses in Germany that were built during the 40s and they are doing fine. So, it is not a new concept.

Green roofs are only meant for green buildings

You can surely make green roofs on the green building but the same is true for any ordinary building too. A few buildings in Germany are living examples.

Green roofs can create many structural problems

All roofs are usually having sufficient insulation against rain and snow etc. There is no evidence available so far that green roof has caused the structural problem in any well-designed building.

Green roofs will be a costly option to irrigate

In the beginning, you may need a little more irrigation however normally it depends on the climate how much irrigation is needed that need not necessarily be too costly.

The green roof can be created out of the dirt

One should not use dirt rather good potting soil must be used to make a well-designed green roof. Also, the building structure must be properly analysed whether it can bear the load.

Green roofs ate too complicated and expensive

If you take the help of any professional then you can build a green roof that is easily maintainable.

Paul watson