Floor Care Tips For First-Time Owners

Flooring has a major impact on the interiors of a house, and it also constitutes a major expense when building your first home. Therefore, proper care & maintenance of flooring becomes a must to maintain its look and longevity.

For the upkeep of different types of flooring, the care requirements differ. Hence, we’re suggesting you how to take care of different kinds of flooring.

  1. Stones & Tiles

Stones and tiled flooring should be cleaned regularly, but with a very mild detergent. Avoid using chemical cleaners available in the market. The chemical cleaners wears off the top layer of the tiles and stones. The continuous use of such chemicals can dull the surface & make it look pretty bad.

Instead, for cleaning of any materials in your house, you should prefer using natural cleaning products instead of off-the-shelf chemical cleaners.

  1. Wooden Flooring

Wooden flooring comes in two types – laminated flooring and real-wood flooring. Maintenance of both is very different.

Laminated wooden flooring: It’s a bit hard and quite sturdy, thereby making it simpler to clean and maintain. So, we would advice to not drag or pull any furniture on the laminated wooden flooring as it’s very prone to scratches.

Instead, you should always lift the furniture if you want to change its place.

You should keep a piece of rubber or cardboard or cutting of a rug or carpet beneath the  heavy furniture. This helps to avoid permanent marks and damage to the laminated wooden flooring.

For any wooden flooring – laminated or real wood, avoid contact of water. The water tends to seep inside the flooring and then damage it. Laminated wooden flooring would swell when it comes in contact of water while the real wood would not only swell but also attract termites.

For stain removal, use a soft cloth. For tougher stains like paints, nail polish etc, hire services of professionals.

Real Wooden Flooring: Make sure you vacuum everyday as the dust particles act like sand paper and wear off their surface. Chemical sprays like mosquito repellents, deodorant etc have a very bad effect and shouldn’t be sprayed near the real wooden flooring. Any contact of water would ruin the real wood and make it lose its shine and character apart from attracting the termites and withstanding structural damage. Use doormats when you’re using real wood flooring so the dirt and dust that comes into the house due to footfall can be avoided.

Wooden flooring also requires waxing from time to time and it should be done by the professionals.

Quite obviously, wooden flooring requires much more care as compared to stones and tiles, but it’s upto the homeowner to choose the flooring they want. We wanted to suggest you what to do after your interior designer’s job is done and your home’s care is in your hands.

Of course, the quality of material during installation also makes a huge difference in all this. We recommend collaborating with professional home interiors designers & have them suggest you trustworthy vendors while acquiring the material.

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Paul watson