Whether you have carpet flooring or rugs all over your house, you want to keep them looking good for many years. Sadly, your carpet is the most susceptible to wear and tear because of the high traffic and use it is exposed to every time. Some parts of the carpet, such as the hallway and living room, are likely to wear off quickly because of high foot traffic. But worry not. There are some ways to lengthen the lifespan of your carpet.

Vacuum regularly

The easiest way to maintain your carpet looking and feeling tidy is to vacuum it regularly. Regularly means every day or a couple of times a week. That ensures the carpet doesn’t build up dust, dirt, and other stains that can be hard to remove. Keep in mind that your carpet accumulates dirt over time, which is what makes it look old and worn out. Through regular vacuuming, you can keep it looking as good as new.

Use mats and rugs

If you have carpet flooring that is hard to maintain, normalize using mats and rigs on high traffic areas. The best thing about mats and rugs is that you can clean them from time to time and dry them outside. You will still have to vacuum them regularly, but they are easier to maintain.

Adopt a culture of removing shoes

If you have a beautiful fluffy carpet, you will do everything to maintain it in good condition. One of those things is adopting a culture of no shoes inside. Shoes are the number one culprit for soiling your carpet and bringing dirt, bacteria, dust, allergens, and other microscopic organisms into your house. When they get trapped inside your carpet fibers, they become hard to vacuum. You could also suffer a dust termite infestation unknowing. Leaving shoes outside makes the carpet easier to clean and maintain.

Treat stains right away.

Carpet stains can be stubborn when they dry, which is why it is essential to tackle them immediately. Whether you have spilled your coffee or wine on the carpet, you should be prepared with paper towels to blot the liquid out before it dries. Remember that the longer the stain sits, the harder it becomes to remove it.

Try to rearrange furniture from time to time.

It is advisable to rearrange your furniture from time to time to reduce the impact o foot traffic on some carpet areas. Regularly rearranging the couches and tables can ensure the same carpet spots are not exposed to all the damage, and they won’t look worn out than the other parts.

Hire professional carpet cleaning once in a while

Depending on its use, you must have your carpet professionally cleaned at least once or twice every year. Some of the perks of professional carpet cleaning Tustin include the complete removal of dirt and stains, a healthier living environment, and an improved house appearance. Professional carpet cleaners use unique methods to remove carpet stains without damaging the fibers and ensure it is free from any odor.

Last words

A clean carpet is a healthier carpet as it prevents the risks of allergens ruining your indoor air quality.

Edith Lindsay