How to do Safe and Secure Transportation of Fine Art Collections

Moving a fine arts collection demands careful attention due to its value and significance. Whether relocating to a new residence, gallery, or museum, meticulous precautions must be taken to guarantee the safe and secure transportation of these valuable artworks.

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The following are a few dos and don’ts that you must remember during the move.


  1. Document your collections

Make a proper list of all your art collections and also take their photographs before you offer them to the moving company.

  1. Use the right packing material

It is very important that you use the right packing materials for all your artwork.

  1. Consider climate control

Make sure that humidity and environmental temperature should not affect your artwork.

  1. Insure your collection

Insure all your items through a reputed insurance company.


1. Pack yourself

Never try to pack your artwork all by yourself. Take the help of professionals only during their packing.

2. Rush packing

Packing of artworks must be done in a relaxed atmosphere and avoid rush packing at all costs.

3. Overcrowd the moving vehicle

Transport fine arts separately to prevent overcrowding and potential damage from artworks rubbing or falling during transportation.

4. Forget to follow up

Follow up with the art moving company post-move to confirm safe delivery and address any potential issues promptly.

5. Not specifying the items to your movers

Provide details like fragility, weight, and dimensions to the art moving company for safe transportation preparation.

Relocating fine arts demands precision and expertise. Follow recommended guidelines, hire experienced art movers, and avoid rushing the packing process to ensure the safe transport of your valuable collection.

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