Iconic Options for Choosing the Right Lamp

Symbol of the current designs, the pendant light leaves nobody to the side.There will consistently be a model that is your face and the essence of your home. In addition to being super stylish and very versatile, pendant lamps can be the central point of illumination, as well as being that point of diffused and soft light perfect for relaxing.

Do you want to bet on this trend too? So keep following the post that we will tell you all about méduse lamp and even teach you how to make one:

How to choose the pendant lamp


To evade blunders, consistently search for a model that is around 1/3 the size of the furnishings or space in which the luminaire will be uncovered.

For example: a kitchen counter with a length of 1 meter should opt for a lamp approximately 30 to 35 cm in diameter or three lamps placed side by side, where each one must have a maximum of 15 cm.

But don’t stick to the rules if you want to create an impactful and personality-filled decor, okay? Just don’t forget the functionality of the piece.


Currently it is possible to find luminaires of every color, from the most neutral to the most vibrant. Also, here comes the inquiry: which one to pick? First of all, look at the decorating style and the color palette that you have already mastered in your environment.

If you want the luminaire to be the highlight, choose one with a contrasting color in relation to the other elements of the decor. Yet, on the off chance that the aim is for a more nonpartisan and delicate style, pick a light of comparable tones to those all around utilized.

Type of lamp

The lamp used in the luminaire makes all the difference in the final result of the environment. So the tip here is to choose the lamp from the use that will be made of the lamp. In environments where more abundant lighting is needed, such as the kitchen counter and home office, prefer cold, white lamps.

Peach Salin