Owning a car is no longer a necessity

When it comes to public transit, some cities in Singapore stand out. District 9 is one such example of outstanding and remarkable transportation. Whether they are hauling locals for their day-to-day commute or guests driving for fun on their travels, the advantages of public transportation are clear.

In cities and communities across the planet, public transportation plays a significant role in the existence of inhabitants and travellers alike. Buses, trains, subways, and other public vehicles are constructed to make life susceptible for everyone. Public transport systems create the basis on which cities become more liveable and prosperous on a variety of paths.

What is Public Transportation?

Public transportation comes in numerous aspects. It can be distinguished as a system that shifts people from one region to another in a profitable, accessible manner. The vast prevalence of public transportation is supported and regulated by the authorities of local government. Public transportation policies can include:

  • Buses
  • Trains, including high-speed and light rail
  • Underground rail systems
  • Cable cars

If you’re in the market to buy, purchasing near a transportation hub is a smart involvement opportunity. Both residential and commercial property significances increase when they are advanced near transit. Here are some of the benefits of having a good transport system near your residence: 

  • Health Windfalls to the Community

Transit users must walk to and from transit stations, so they step much more than the standard, driving commuter.

A study revealed that a great transport system linked a healthier lifestyle with a lower mortality ratio, a comfortable disposition, and more productivity at work.

All condo owners who have an MRT nearby their unit or have a highway can have several health benefits as moving to and from the bus station will not take much time and also will add more healthy movement. Click here https://finestservices.com.sg/the-avenir/ and register your interest in this beautiful condo, surrounded by multiple public transport options around it. The important road networks of Bukit Timah, MCE, AYE, ECP, and CTE are just a few minutes away from the Avenir. 

  • Transportation reduces road congestion 

What happens when we collectively travel on a bus or a train rather than taking our cars on the road? Do you experience more traffic, more disturbances, and even cause more harm to the environment? Yes, it all happens actually.

So, a community with a successful transportation system can have a more efficient and peaceful life 

  • Freedom and mobility 

The presence of public transport opens up the way to personal mobility for all. It gives individuals to have the freedom to go virtually anywhere. 

Several people are unable to drive, so they always try to find a place where their house is not far from a public transport hub. 

  • Reduced household expenses 

It has been seen that household expenses are reduced up to a great extent if public transport is being used by members to commute. Each family who gets rid of their car saves dollars annually. 

  • Increased social connection 

Did you ever meet someone unknown and unexpectedly make him your friend? When you commute on public transport, you talk, meet, and sit with other people. This results in making good bonds and relations with your community. 


Kathy McDonough