Preparation of the Best Event and the Perfect Supplies for You

Depending on the nature of the event to celebrate, we can provide center pieces, lanterns, candy boxes, surprise bags, place cards, and a guest book. Not to mention the inevitable piñata that creates a surprise by entertaining young and old. So many party accessories that we do not always think about but that dazzles friends and family for sure and speaking of dazzling your friends, do not neglect the light. We do not always think about it, yet the lighting is the guarantee of the success of the party. So we do not hesitate to multiply the sources of lights: candles, light garlands, candlesticks, balls faceted. Let the light be of the party. For the Custom event supplies this is an essential deal for you.

Do not overload the decoration of the party

When we want to do well, we sometimes tend to do too much. But overloading the party decor is a mistake. To succeed in its festive staging, avoid XXL floral compositions and miles of glitter at the risk of falling into the foil, vulgar or kitsch unless of course. it’s a “too much” party. To get away from the chromatic overbid, we start by choosing a color palette. This is the sine qua non for maintaining visual coherence and harmony. One can for example opt for an association: black, white and golden or natural, green and white. But beware: never more than 3 colors including one or two dominant. Then all that remains is to decline sparingly on the dishes, decorative accessories and flowers.

The color will be present by small touches in the decoration of the party table, the room, the terrace and the garden. It brings rhythm to the decor without overwhelming the atmosphere.

Watch out for overload unless your theme is perfect.

Creative notice

The festive decor lends itself to the most beautiful DIY creations. And as long as you have the sense of the party and the recovery in the skin, you will do wonders with 3 times nothing.

They will tell you how to make the most beautiful party table for your birthday or that of your child thanks to our wide selection of tableware.

For the end of the year, an incredible choice of table and room deco with streamers, balloons, as well as reusable dishes, tablecloths, napkins, runners, tealights and candles, in colors of the theme.

Here are some loose DIY ideas to boost the decor of the party according to what you want to tell your guests: Make a garland of pennants. Give a second life to your glass jars (or empty bottles) by dressing them with lace and wild flowers. Dropped in the center of the table, these accessories will be the most beautiful effect. Make boxes in origami. Sow aromatic plants in cans of canned food decorated with rope or lace.

Paul watson