Should You Replace Your Existing Deck Or Outdoor Space With A Patio Cover?

Over the last two years, a growing number of us have remained at home. While we were there, we took stock of the changes we intended to make to our properties in order to transform them into holiday homes. Installing a patio cover on your deck or patio to enhance the amount of usable area on your property is an example of such a modification.

What kinds of patio covers are there? And what materials do they use? In this post, we will not only address these questions, but we will also highlight the numerous advantages of patio coverings. With additional information, you will be able to go more swiftly from researching to purchasing patio covers in Boise, Idaho.

Patio Coverings Come In A Variety Of Styles

There are various patio cover kinds from which to choose the one that best matches your needs. If you want a lot of shade, a solid cover is the way to go. These are often composed of metal or wood and, as a result, can be rather hefty. A retractable canopy is ideal for a small patio. When not in use, these are usually made of canvas or vinyl and may be folded up into a compact size. Finally, sun covers are available to assist in keeping your patio cool throughout the hot summer months. These are made of a substance that, when exposed to the sun’s rays, will reflect them away from your patio.

Vinyl patio covers can be used on their own or in conjunction with an existing structure. The vast majority of them are built using a 2×6 vinyl header and 2×4 vinyl frame joists. Post-installation might occur on the ground, concrete, or wooden decks. Because these patio covers are robust enough, you may hang items like porch swings or plants from them.

You can obtain a patio cover constructed of stacked slats. This design has more defined lines and a more varied color palette. Butte Fence offers this style of patio cover. It provides your area with a new and modern look. Therefore it’s something you should absolutely learn more about.

What Materials Are Used in Patio Covers?

Before picking on the fabric or wood for your patio cover, several considerations should be examined. Several things must be considered, including your budget, the architectural style of the home, and the climate in your area.

Patio covers come in a variety of materials, including wood, metal, and vinyl. Another alternative is to use plastic. Because each material has its own set of benefits and drawbacks, it is vital to select the one that best meets your requirements.

Due to its earthy and elegant appearance, wood patio coverings are a popular choice. However, because they require more upkeep than other materials, they may not be the greatest solution for places subjected to severely harsh weather conditions.

Aluminum patio covers are durable and low maintenance. They are a wonderful alternative for both warm and cold areas, although they may be more expensive than other widely available solutions.

Vinyl is another popular material for patio coverings due to its durability in a wide range of harsh environments. Because vinyl is such a strong material, your patio covers should endure at least twenty years. Vinyl is impervious to corrosion and UV rays. It’s also worth noting that this material can be precast in any color, so you won’t have to paint it to match or improve the appearance of the exterior of your home. This knowledge will save you time and effort. Vinyl’s versatility has contributed to its widespread use. You and your contractor can collaborate to ensure that the patio cover’s style and design match the rest of your home’s furnishings and aesthetics.

The Advantages of a Patio Cover

The most essential and little-known advantage of patio covers is that they limit the amount of heat generated by the sun. They are your house’s first line of defense against the sun’s infrared radiation, which, when absorbed, warms the air within. They are most exposed to light. It provides some heat and UV ray protection by intercepting them before they reach your home. Your new patio cover protects your furniture from the sun while also providing additional heat protection.

Installing robust patio coverings that shield the sun’s heat will help you limit the quantity of infrared light entering your home. As a result, your monthly cooling bills may drop. Because the patio cover will give shade, the temperature in the adjoining inside area should be more tolerable.

Patio covers block not just infrared light but also UV rays, which can cause skin harm. UV radiation can damage chemical connections in ordinary goods, causing them to lose color. The effects of the sun’s rays can quickly limit the lifespan of your assets in places with a high UV index. This includes any furniture on your deck or patio, as well as any furniture inside your home that is adjacent to a deck railing or patio.

Another advantage of installing a patio cover on your home is that you can use your patio space more regularly. Even if it is raining outside, a larger living room can be used for a longer amount of time. You may not understand how advantageous this is at first. Consider all of the possibilities. When you have visitors, you can make use of the extra eating or living area. You can set up an outside office if you work from home.

To avoid blowing away or causing damage to your home, your patio cover must be manufactured and fitted properly. When choosing a patio cover, consult with Butte Fence about your alternatives as well as the cover’s estimated lifespan. After you’ve determined that your patio cover is stable, you won’t have to worry about it.

Furthermore, by installing an eye-catching shade solution in a prominent location outside your home, you can boost the aesthetic appeal of your property. Patio covers, with their frequently one-of-a-kind designs, enhance the overall appeal of the exterior of your property. Whatever your thoughts regarding appearances are, there will surely be one that matches your needs.

When choosing a patio cover, keep this potential boost in house value in mind. If you know that upgrading would provide you with more space and help you sell your property faster, it may be worthwhile to invest the extra money.


If you’re considering installing a patio cover on your deck or patio, go to to see how our products may complement the architecture of your home. A meeting with one of our industry professionals with over 25 years of expertise to analyze your needs and plan an installation strategy may be arranged. We back up many of our items with warranties, and we want to make sure you can use and enjoy them as intended. We can also help with your fencing requirements.

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