Simple Practices to Increase the Lifespan of Your Carpet

Once we invest in something, we always try to get the most out of it. But the truth is that everything requires effort to provide the best service. One of the things that you want to last long is your carpet. A carpet, a good one made of quality products easily retains its shape for 8-10 years if maintained properly. But maintenance does not only mean cleaning it but also keeping it clean. Most of us contribute towards the damage of the carpet through small mistakes. Some simple practices can actually help to maintain your carpet easily and keep it there for years.

Never welcome the dirt

Do you walk right into the room with your shoes on? You are actually welcoming all the dirt and dust with open hands. There are many cultures that have the practice of removing shoes outside. This actually helps in keeping the interior clean. If you really want to walk into the room with shoes, it is better to use an entry mats. Dirt grinds the fibers away while making the color dull. The carpet might look dull even after cleaning because of the damaged fibre.

Cleaning practices

If one thing you need to have to keep a carpet clean and healthy, it is the practice of cleaning. Vacuum on a regular interval is the key to fresh and clean carpet. If you have a heavy traffic on the carpet, it is necessary to vacuum at least twice to thrice a week. Along with that make sure not to leave any stains on the carpet. The stains can get oxidized to become permanent even on carpets with stain warranties. Use products which are suitable for your carpet to treat stains. Get the carpet professionally cleaned by companies like Carpet Nurse once in every two years. These practices will help you to properly maintain your carpet and increase its years.

Kathy McDonough