Spray Painting Houses: Everything You Should Know About It

Spray painting the exterior of a house is a choice that can save you a lot of money. There are many reasons that spray painting is gradually gaining popularity and the best ones that you should know about are listed below. 

  • It Is Cost-Effective – The final finish that spray painting offers is as good as new. In other words, you get the benefits of replacing and painting, both. As a result, you end up saving money. 
  • It Is Long-Lasting – Spray paint is waterproof as well as temperature resistant. Thus, it can last for a decade and more without fading.  
  • It Requires Minimal Maintenance – It’s not a secret that you need to paint your house every 2-5 years, but with technique at the Spray Net exterior painting, all you’ll need at max is a power wash every 5 years to clean the surface, that’s all.

Moving on, some of the best services that spray painting offers are listed below. 

  1. Aluminum And Vinyl Update

Whether your siding is made of aluminum or vinyl, spray paint can bind to both the surfaces perfectly. As a result, the garage doors and the siding look perfectly new. Also, professionals have tools to repair dents on aluminum to ensure that the finish comes out to be smooth. 

  1. Fiber Upgrade

Other than vinyl and aluminum, the most popular siding options are cement, brick, fiber, and wood. And spray paint is able to bind to all these structures as well. It is due to this fact that spray paints can also be used to revamp kitchen cabinets alongside the house exterior.  

  1. Garage Doors Beautification

Garage doors suffer the most wear and tear. The paint starts withering away way too easily and the doors become squeaky as well. Spray painting them doors and windows not just makes them sparkling new but also reduces squeaking and other problems caused by weather changes. 

Last, but not least, comes the question of why should you hire professionals for spray painting and not do it yourself. The answers include the following. 

  • It’s a professional experience that can make repairing the dents even possible. Since you cannot do it on your own, professionals are the only people who can save your skin.
  • It’s hectic and extremely expensive to power wash the entire exterior on your own. But, it’s necessary as well. Thus, putting professionals to the task is the best way. 

Kathy McDonough