The proper way to upgrade your kitchen with gold

When it comes to your kitchen design, you want something that you’re going to love to look at, spend time in, and that works for every member of your family. After all, they say the focus room in a home is the kitchen. That being said, you may have started to realize your kitchen could use some design upgrades but you’re not sure where or how to accomplish looks you’re seeing all over popular HGTV shows or Pinterest pins.

Regardless of how large the space in your kitchen is, there are ways to incorporate an updated look to your kitchen by making small changes and that’s what we are going to discuss.

Cheap ways to upgrade your kitchen design

If you’re on a budget, the easiest way to upgrade your kitchen is by changing the knobs on your drawers and cupboards. In the past few years, chrome has been a popular color for knob work but recently more people are changing to gold because of its timeless appeal.

Gold knobs look great with darker wood stains and colored cupboards, whereas chrome tends to look better with lighter wood because it stands out more.

Another cheap way to upgrade your kitchen design is with lighting. You’d be surprised at how choosing a different light fixture can increase the look and feel of your home. Chrome box-shaped drop lights look modern and sophisticated over islands. If you have a closed in kitchen layout, choosing a chrome chandelier can dramatically change the look as well.

Probably the easiest way to change your kitchen design with gold accents is through the use of gold chairs. If you love your kitchen design and layout and want to spruce up the look without making structural or design changes, chairs are an easy change.

Chairs and stools look great along an island, with your nook or around your kitchen table. And, because they are not affecting the structure of any part of your kitchen it’s nice to switch them out seasonally if you want to add a touch of gold but don’t want to keep it permanently.

Kathy McDonough