Things to consider for choosing the kitchen range hood

One of the most important appliances that must be present in the kitchen is a range hood. The air quality of the kitchen can be maintained using this vent hood. It has a capture area with a fan or blower motor that extracts the pollution created during cooking thereby reducing the heat, steam and smoke inside the space. The range hoods also remove the hassle of cleaning the sticky film that covers the area near the cooking area.

What to consider?

Before you select the range hood for the kitchen, you must consider few things. They are:

  • The kitchen layout can help determine the space you have to fit the hood in the kitchen. The basic rule for installing the hood that it should be about 24 to 30 inches above the cooking range.
  • The range hoods can come in ducted or duct-free exhaust system. The ducted exhaust system or the vented system has a duct to channel the air in the kitchen out of the home. The duct-free or non-vented system cleans, filters the air and returns it back into the space. The ducted exhaust system requires less maintenance and is more efficient as compared to the other.
  • You need to calculate the volume of the kitchen space to determine the power of the fan required for cleaning the air of the space.
  • Make sure the range hood is efficient but at the same time less noisy.
  • You need to ensure the kitchen hood energy which is the amount of air it can extract per hour.
  • The style for the kitchen hood is something that reflects your personal taste. You will find hoods in different color and finishes. You have to decide it depending on whether you want contemporary or traditional style.
  • Cost of the kitchen hoods vary with size, material, power and special features like automatic shut-off, built-in light, heat sensors etc. Buy the model that suits your budget and requirement.

It is important that you do your research and compare the features and prices of different models before deciding on one.

Paul watson