Things to Know Before You Hire a Roofer in Greenville, South Carolina

Let’s assume that you’re planning to get rid of your current roofing system and install a new one since it has aged. That’s indeed a good reason why you’d go for installations, especially after more than a decade. We can always go for repairs, but the problem is that the old shingles are already weak.

So when your fund is ready, all we need to do is hire local roofers, but make sure that they’re from reputable companies in South Carolina. You’ll surely have someone in mind, or maybe your family and friends can recommend a contractor they trust. But the decision is still yours to make.

Installing a roof must be planned; thus, don’t rush things. After choosing a trustworthy roofing contractor from Greenville, you still have more things to know before proceeding with the project. I guess you have to meet the experts and discuss every detail of this job.


Before deciding when to start your home project, you’ll have to consult Roofers LLC about the design. You may also look at their portfolio because they surely have numerous finished projects to show off. If you have other ideas, then ask for customized designs and proposals for them.

Through their licensed architects, they can come up with a style that will suit your taste. Either a modern or conventional type would be possible. Don’t forget to consider other options, such as:

  • Mono-pitch, which is designed with a single plane slope. Its asymmetrical look makes it ideal for modern houses.
  • A duo-pitch is a common type with two slopes, forming a triangular head.
  • Hips come with the same sections and lengths. It forms a ridge because the sides usually meet at their corners.
  • Mansards have double slopes at the sides and are ideal for European themes.
  • Most modern homes want a flat roof. If you’re planning this one, make sure to have good drainage to prevent flooding.


Funds are very important when you have home renovation or repair projects. Installing a roofing system would be costly; that’s why you must pick the most suitable style for your house. It’s not simply about the roof since structures are also considered.

Assuming that the design was already selected. Thus, the next step is to pick what materials must be used. Based on your prepared budget, check out copper, cedar, asphalt, slate shingles, exposed fasteners, membranes, etc. Go to for further reading.

Make sure that they’re from reliable manufacturers. In this way, you won’t be wasting money purchasing low-quality supplies.


Hiring a roofer isn’t your only task here. You should be aware of how this project will be processed. Are there permits required to be acquired because, without these documents, you’ll be penalized?

You have to ask the company if they’ll be applying for such permits. Some of them will do it, while others will guide you on how to acquire one. This is an important permit, and they can’t start working without the document.

Is it required to pay in full or in installments? Remember that they’ll purchase supplies for this. Therefore, you should know when to send payments for their services.

Insurance and Warranty

Some homeowners might want to use their insurance coverage for this project. If their policy accepts this, then contractors should conduct inspections and check with the insurance company. Anyway, it would be great to discuss the terms with the roofers for your options.

Are there warranties offered? This includes manufacturer defects, workmanship, and other liabilities. Either basic or extensive coverage, you should know every detail since it’s beneficial.


You need to find the perfect timing for your home’s roof construction. We can’t start it just because your funds are ready, unless it’s an emergency. Just like how you plan for a holiday, you’d make a rain check.

Let’s say that you’d like to start this project within this month. Now, are you living in a place where there’s too much snow, heavy rains, or strong winds? If there’s a weather issue, then make sure that the roofing contractor will suggest materials that are appropriate for your area. Find out more information.

Tips for Hiring a Roofer

Don’t forget to check their credentials because they must have licenses and certifications from accredited organizations in South Carolina. They’re operating a business, thus, it has to be legal. Their line of work is risky as well, so you can’t hire them when they’re not certified roofers.

These companies are surely popular in your locality. With a good reputation, peace of mind is guaranteed. Therefore, take some of your time to ask their previous clients about their services.

You’re already aware that they repair and install roofs. However, you may also ask them what else they offer to residential and commercial clients. In this way, you can contact them again in the future.

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