Three Practical Benefits of a U-Shaped Kitchen Layout

A home renovation can be a stressful endeavour, particularly when you have to make decisions. You must ensure you work with the right Armoires En Gros renovation contractor, choose the best design, and pick out the right fixtures. Also, you want to ensure the project will boost your kitchen’s efficiency and functionality, no matter its size. Plus, you want to have your plans realised while incorporating your kitchen ideas. Thankfully, you can achieve both efficiency and functionality through a U-shape kitchen. This kitchen layout also offers the flexibility to install a kitchen island. 

In a U-shaped kitchen layout, the countertops and cabinets are placed along the room’s three walls. The working space is in the middle of the room, allowing you to move freely and access items easily through an open end. The following are the benefits of this kitchen layout:

Big and Efficient Working Space

A cramped kitchen can make preparing a complex meal challenging. You need to shift things around your countertop at all times to get each task done. But a U-shaped kitchen design can prevent this issue from happening. It gives three sides and two corners for you to take advantage of, ensuring you have a practical work triangle. 

Extra Storage Space

When you have extra kitchen storage, you can easily prevent clutter on the countertops and ensures you work efficiently. A U-shaped layout allows for lots of storage for positioning the cabinets, drawers, and pantries all around. As a result, you will have enough cupboards and storage for your kitchen appliances and tools.  Because the frequently used appliances and tools must be within easy reach, you need to discuss your storage areas’ practicability with your renovation contractor. Also, the contractor should explore other means to increase kitchen storage with you. 

Easy Traffic Flow

A U-shaped kitchen layout allows several chefs to work in the room and minimises congestion. The three walls have space that offers lots of open areas for people to freely move in and out of the kitchen. But ensure the U shape is designed wide enough to make this easy traffic flow possible. When you position your kitchen appliances, you can place the fridge on end of the design. This way, it will be easier for kids to access snacks and drinks without getting in other people’s way. The one entrance of this design prevents traffic that can cause accidents such as spills.  

Paul watson