Tips on How To Buy Hair Straighteners and Hair Dryers

Walking around with a frizzy, curly, and wavy hair doesn’t only hurt your image but also make those around you question your sanity. Hair straighteners have heated plates that that slide over your hair follicles, giving your hair an impressive look characterized by straight and glossy curls. When combined with hairdryers, hair straighteners will change your bad hair days into the best of days. Want to buy hair straighteners and hair dryers? Here are fundamental aspects of consideration.

The Texture of your Hair

If you have a coarse and thick hair, you should look for a hair iron that heats to extremely high temperatures. For those having thin or fine hair, you should look for ceramic-plated hair straighteners. The reason we recommend the ceramic-plated hair straighteners for thin and fine hair is that they have ceramic handles that heat super well and distribute heat evenly to the ceramic plates to ensure proper heating of the fine hair without overheating. You may want to consider titanium-plated hair straighteners for coarse and thick hair since they heat faster and to extreme levels.

Consider the Size

You have to choose a hair straightener size based on the length and type of your hair. If you have short hair, you would better go for straighteners with thin plates.  If you’ve short to shoulder hair length, you would be better of choosing hair straighteners with medium plates. For those who have more, thicker, and longer hair, you are advised to consider straighteners with wide plates.

Consider the Temperature Settings

Another thing you will want to consider is the temperature settings of the hair straightener. Using a hair straightener with the wrong temperature settings will straighten your hair a bit faster alongside damaging it to some extent. It would be great you opt for hair straighteners that have variable temperature settings as that will allow you to play around the settings so you can straighten hairs of different sizes, lengths, and textures.

Consider the Type of Hair Straightener

Hair straighteners came in multiple options. Ceramic flat iron straighteners have ceramic plates designed to heat different hair sizes and textures evenly. The best thing about ceramic hair straighteners is that they can efficiently seal hair locks and cuticles to create frizz-free and shiny looks. Another great choice of hair straightener is tourmaline. This hair straightener has crushed gemstone plates and works by producing negatively charged ions that seal in moisture, eliminate static charge, and close the hair cuticles without making your hair dry or brittle.

You can as well opt for infrared hair straighteners. Infrared hair straighteners make use of ultraviolet rays to relax and soften your hair without causing damage to the follicles. The ionic hair straightener is the last choice you can buy. These types work by creating negatively charged ions to help in neutralizing your hair stands to leave static-free and straight hair.

If you decide to buy hair straighteners and hair dryers, you can use this guide to your advantage.


Peach Salin