What Are The Symptoms That Show Your Tree Is In Stress?

The greenery around your house is just like an icing on a cake. If you have a lawn inside your home, you definitely always get worried about your tree’s health. Are they in good health? Are they are growing well? You might have many concerns and you would often inspect your trees as well. It is a good habit. If you have seen any symptom that forces you to get it cut down from an arborist Toronto, it will be disheartening for you. Thus, it is worth saying that precautions are better than cure. So, inspects your tree periodically and treat the minor issues before it gets worse. Here are a few treatments to solve some of the issues of a tree:  


  • Post-storm damaged branches or limbs


Usually, storms pose many threats to trees and when they have rolled out, you may find many damages branches or limbs of your trees in your loan. If the branches are tiny can cut them down by your own, but in a case of large branches, you must call for a tree removal service. 


  • If your tree has cracks or holes


If your tree has minor holes, it will be get healed over time. But, if there are major cracks and holes in your tree, you must get in touch with a professional arborist.


  • When a tree bends


If the tree’s lean happens due to heavy branches or it has been leaning for a long time. It’s not a major issue. If you find a sudden lean after a storm, it may fall any time so you should get it trimmed as soon as possible. 

When there are some fungi growing on the base of a tree 

Although fungi are always not harmful till it reaches to the tree roots. So, you can act accordingly.



  • There are no leaves on the tree


There are some seasons when leaves fall, but when it is unnatural, it might be a clear indication of your tree is in stress. 


  • Premature leaf fall


Usually, it happens when there is any tree-disease, pest attack, or extra heat or water around the tree. 


  • When the coloration of leaves starts changing too early


When such circumstances happen, it is a clear sign of tree stress. 


  • If a newly planted tree’s leaves have started turning into brown and yellow color


The reason behind such condition is a transplant shock, however, there are many ways to restore the health of the trees.

Paul Petersen