What Type of Mat Do You Need for Your Office Chair?

Whether you are standing or sitting at your desk, heavy-duty office floor mats are an exceptional ergonomic asset to your office. You can get them in a wide variety of dimensions, as well as padding thickness; there is no “one-size fits all” floor cover. Depending on your specific needs and the indoor office layout of your facility, you will need to select a floor covering that deals with those aspects.

To Hold or Otherwise to Hold on a Chair Floor Cover, that is the Inquiry

  • If a floor mat does not have the appropriate bottom, it can cause the floor cover for slipping on the floor or damaging the surface area of the floor, respectively.
  • Hard Surface, such as vinyl, wood, floor tile, you should get a mat for your chair without grippers
  • Carpet, you need a mat for your chair with grippers

Chair Floor Covering Thickness is Based on Carpeting Deepness

The idea here is to have the chair rest strongly and easily on the custom floor mats for business without sinking into it. If the floor cover is as well slim for the carpet deepness, then the chair will lose grip, as well as will not be as supportive for the customer.

  • Reduced Pile Rug Deepness: 1/4″ OR LESS
  • Standard Heap Carpet Deepness: 3/8″ OR LESS
  • Medium Pile Rug Deepness: As much as fifty percent inch
  • High/Plush Carpeting Deepness: Over half inch

The Sturdiness Grade of Your Workplace Chair Mat Relies on

  • The weight of the person utilizing the chair floor mats. The larger the individual, the much more toughness will be required for the floor cover to last for an extended amount of time.
  • Frequency of usage. It can be from “all the time,” needed by an individual who works a conventional desk task to “periodic, utilizing the mat/chair for less than two hours daily. The more a chair floor covering is used, the better the toughness that will be called for.

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