Swamp Air Cooler – Advantages Versus Portable Air Condition Unit

More people are getting awareness of what a portable swamp cooler is, and how they can greatly benefit from owning one. While air condition units have the advantage of being more popular, swamp air coolers are a better choice for the following reasons:

  1. Mobility: Swamp coolers are built in such a way that they can be transported easily. The roller wheels underneath the cooler make it easy to move the unit across most surfaces without doing the heavy lifting as with an air condition unit.
  2. The flexibility of use: Air conditioners are mostly used inside. They are designed to work that way. However, air coolers are designed to work in both indoor and outdoor conditions. The swamp cooler can be used in close-door areas like the home, office, the gym, church, etc. It can also be used to cool the air during a sporting event, on the porch for a family gathering, etc.
  3. Fewer costs: Swamp coolers use considerably less energy than air conditioners. This translates to lower electricity consumption resulting in fewer bills monthly. Swamp coolers are also easier to maintain and clean without hiring a technician for regular servicing.
  4. Less noise: As silent as most air condition units are, swamp coolers can compete with them when it comes to noise reduction. Silently and powerfully, they cool the air noiselessly.
  5. Better air quality: A portable swamp cooler works by pulling in air from outside and cooling it. Air-condition units work by circulating and cooling the same air trapped in a room. This gives swamp coolers the advantage of using a constant flow of fresh air
  6. Humidifying capacity: The need for humidity is great. If the air is constantly dry, the skin would be irritated and make us uncomfortable. A portable swamp cooler is also a humidifier as they work based on the evaporative cooling system. This system uses water stored in a tank as a coolant to lower air temperature and increase humidity. Only the modern air condition units offer some level of humidity.
  7. Environment-friendly: Swamp air coolers are safer for the environment than air conditioners. The absence of such chemicals as Freon and CFCs means that the environment is not polluted by the release of these gases the way air conditioners do.

Finally, swamp coolers are great for getting cool air in your home for a friendly cost. You can easily purchase one on a tight budget.

Peach Salin