4 Easy Tips to Choosing an HDB Main Door

The front door is an important choice in defining the identity of your interior. It is the first thing visitors discover and is visible to anyone walking by. Beyond an aesthetic criterion, the entrance door needs to be secure, to have good thermal and acoustic insulation (especially in a noisy environment), to be properly installed in order to guarantee optimal closing at the door.

In wood, aluminum, PVC or steel, the entrance door is available in various styles to satisfy all tastes in Singapore. With a bold color, a glass part or an integrated letterbox, it is customizable at will. A front door keeps on average thirty years!

On the budget side, an investment is necessary for lasting quality over time. In construction or renovation, depending on the exposure, the region or the environment, several parameters must be taken into consideration in order to have a model adapted to its needs and desires.

Step by step, discover expert advice to make sure you choose the right front door.

Safety, the key to a good front door

Your main door is the entry point into your home, and should have all the necessary qualities to protect the interior from the exterior.

Other aspects need to be monitored, depending on the higher or lower needs in terms of security. They unlocking mechanism is also important and can be digitized if you desire. The key can be a property card, which cannot be copied, to reinforce security. The glazing is also to be taken into account, it must be laminated with a sheet of glass and a plastic sheet, resistant in case of infringement. When the glazing breaks, the broken glass remains in place.

Having a Well-Placed Front Door

Another essential criterion, the installation of the front door must be done without any difficulty. The placement should work around the carpentry around your door so that opening and closing can be done seamlessly, or your door might face damage.

Thermal Insulation of your Door is Essential for Comfort

One of the first things to consider is that the thermal insulation of the door ensures well-being within the house. Thermal insulation prevents air from circulating, creating a notion of comfort. It is a variable figure depending on the technology of the front door (its design), the presence of glazing, the thickness, etc. The smaller the value is, the more insulating is the entrance door. Comparing this value allows you to ascertain if a door will help keep your home cool, especially if your front door faces the sun at some hours.

The Right Material for Your Front Door

With state-of-the-art technologies, entrance doors all today meet the main criteria of comfort, safety and insulation. Despite everything, some disparities persist. As it is the opening of the house, the material of the front door is crucial. The most insulating and the best quality or price ratio is PVC, but aluminum also offers efficient thermal insulation and refined aesthetics.

PVC is also very easy to use with strong advantages. It is very easy to maintain and resistant in a polluted environment or in houses subject to sea air. There are many styles to choose from, but appearance wise it is less contemporary than aluminum and its price goes up with it. Do remember to visit Gate Door Window at https://gatedoorwindow.com.sg/main-doors/ for more main door installation options, prices and materials in Singapore.

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