4 Tips to Follow when Choosing Bathroom Lightings

The light fixtures and placements which are already installed in your bathroom aren’t great at making your bathroom feel and look elegant. As a matter of fact, they are not even able to properly light up your bathroom. One ceiling fixture is not going to fix the light issues in all the necessary places in the bathroom. Follow these tips by Renovco when it comes to bathroom lighting.

  1. Ambient lighting

This is deemed the starting point of the light in a room. Often the central fixture fixes this issue and is probably installed when the house is built. You don’t have to stick with a single lighting fixture always. It is an amazing way to style your bathroom by adding a chandelier or an attention piece. When it comes to installing a ceiling light, place it over the walkway area rather than directly above the spot where you stand. When you install it right above your head, it is unattractive but light from behind gives you the best light.

  1. Task lighting at the mirror

Your bathroom mirror shows you what face you will be showing to the world every day. And if you just have a single light installed, then you will be facing shadows when grooming yourself on a daily basis. To create an even light, you can install sconces or vertical fixtures on any side of the mirror by at least 35 to 40 inches apart. Always keep the center of each light fixture installed at about eye level. If you don’t have space, then go for a fixture that has a mirror which is 24 inches long. Install it at least 75 to 80 inches above the floor. And install bulbs that are 150 watts at minimum.

  1. For the shower

You may or may not require any separate lighting for your shower. If you have a glass door installed in your bathroom, then you don’t need any extra fixture. But if you don’t, then go for a recessed light in the shower.

  1. Accent lighting

The perfect accent lighting can really help in enhancing the spa like feature of a bathroom. You can choose to install strip lighting under the wall mounted cabinet in order to create a beautiful floating effect. Just focus a light on a piece of art to establish an elegant feel in the bathroom.

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