5 critical steps to follow after work injury in Virginia

Dealing with a work injury is never easy, especially if you are seriously hurt. You may need to be out of work for weeks or even months, and in Virginia, you cannot sue your employer following a workplace accident. You are, however, entitled to workers’ compensation benefits, which include medical care coverage and wage benefits. Top law firms like Injured Workers Law Firm offer all sorts of assistance that clients need, and you can talk to their lawyers for a free consultation. Below are the five critical steps to follow after a work injury in Virginia. 

  1. Report the work injury ASAP. The law in Virginia allows you a window of 30 days to report a work injury, but don’t wait for long. When it comes to informing your employer, the sooner you do, the better it is for your claim. If you report the accident late, the insurance company may have a hard time understanding if you incurred the said injuries at work. 
  2. Inform the insurance carrier. While your employer is supposed to report the accident to the insurance company, they may not do so because it could hurt the cost of insurance premiums. Talk to the insurance company and ensure that you are seeing the right medical provider who is approved. You can also check the Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission’s website to find more details if your employer doesn’t share the details. 
  3. Get quick medical treatment. No matter whether others or your employer tells you, you need to see a doctor as soon as possible. The doctor is the only person who can state whether you can return to work or need to rest on certain restrictions. Getting medical treatment in time also ensures quick recovery. Just ensure that you get the work status note in writing. 
  4. Complete the Claim form. Just because you have been getting help for medical care from the insurance company doesn’t mean much. You need to complete a Claim form and submit the same to Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission. The deadline for this is two years, but you should consider doing that at the earliest. 
  5. Call an attorney. Many injured workers don’t understand the basic aspects of the workers’ compensation system, and if their claim has been denied, they usually take it at face value. Ensure that you call a lawyer and don’t shy away from asking questions. 

Take the above steps seriously to get workers’ compensation benefits. 

Edith Lindsay