6 Ways to Enjoy a Bachelor Party in Montreal

Every guy craves a memorable bachelor party. Many are picking the city of Montreal in Canada these days. That’s for a reason, and there are numerous stellar cuisines and bustling nightlife. You won’t regret choosing Montreal, whether you are giving your friend a bash or tying the knot.

Even if you need to improve at party planning, you will have a lot of options to pick from before you finish reading this guide. Keep reading to uncover the multiple ways to have a blissful bachelor party – yes, in Montreal.

How to Have a Memorable Bachelor Party While in Montreal ?

Below are six ways to have a good time when you pick Montreal for your bachelor party.

Go on a bachelor brewery tour

If you like beer and want to have a great festive moment with your friends, you should definitely think about a bachelor party brewery tour. Beer brings people together, and a bachelor party is one of the best opportunities to toast! Furthermore, you can discover the best breweries of a city. Having a drink is good, having a great drink is better!

Go to Quartier des Spectacles

You will find Quartier des Spectacles in Montreal’s downtown. The district is of arts and entertainment. Lots of festivals and cultural events are hosted here. Enjoy the music, comedy, visual arts, and dance!

Play with an axe at Rage

Yes, like throwing darts, you can also have a good time throwing an axe – at a target. You will learn different axe-throwing methods at Rage, starting with the basics. Afterward, you and your friends can get busy having fun throwing them. This fun activity may last for an hour or two. A lane can accommodate up to three people.

Have a night at a club

This is typical for most guys planning a fun bachelor party. You will find a lot of clubs to choose from in Montreal. Sure, there are even better ones than what Vegas got to offer. You want to be here if you are in Montreal. You can probably find good offers for a bachelor party, as it is particularly common to have a bachelor party in a club in Montreal!

An escape game is alluring

Tour A/Maze Montreal if you and your friends enjoy getting busy with an escape plan. Try different survival games too. They include Lost Temple, the Laboratory, and Military Facilities.

These games require critical thinking, logic, and observation to succeed. The cost of games per individual is between $14 and $30. It’s good to reserve them upfront if you will be playing with your buddies.

Walk the Mount Royal Park

Also called Parc Du Mont-Royal, Mount Royal Park is near downtown. It’s one of the most appealing spots in the city to tour. Here, you will find bikes and many trails to walk. However, the lookout point is the key attraction here. You can enjoy the breakthrough view of Montreal with your buddies. You don’t necessarily need artifice to have a good bachelor party!

Enjoy a bike tour 

Montreal is very cool for bike tours. These cover you for tourists in the most-see neighborhoods in Montreal. Enjoy between a three and five-hour bike tour with your friends via the service of Fitz & Folwell. A bike tour is good for having a feel of the city quickly. You can have short breaks at nice dining spots while enjoying your tour. A bike tour in Montreal is very affordable. You will have a memorable bachelor party, including this to your list.

Many people today keep choosing Montreal for their bachelor parties. There are lots of manly fun stuff to explore at different locations.

Clare Louise