A wide range of services by Nuss Removals

There are many packing and moving services in Sydney but not all offer a whole range of services which encompasses almost everything associated with moving households and offices. Nuss Removals is one such company which offers not just packing and moving services but many other associated services as well including storage facilities. Let’s have a look at the various kinds of services which are offered by the company.

Special removal service

Apart from conventional removal of household goods and office goods within Sydney, within Australia or to international locations, Nuss is also specialised in car and pet transportation.

It is not possible to drive down cars to distant locations when moving homes. Nuss Removals solves this problem by offering car removal service. The company has contacts with professional car transporters in Australia to transport cars belonging to their clients to other states in the country. Apart from interstate car transportation, international car removal service is also offered by the company. The consultant for international car removal designated by Nuss informs the client about the whole process including taxes and duties imposed on incoming vehicles by the country to which the car is to be relocated.  

Pets cannot be left behind when shifting homes, thus pet removal is also an important part of house shifting. To this end, Nuss collaborates with a reputed pet transport company in Australia. Pets are transported to both states within Australia and to other countries. Nuss takes up the responsibility to ensure that the pet is taken care of during transit and also manages the various formalities and paperwork associated with transporting animals. The pet is delivered safely right at the doorstep of the new home of the client.

Packing service

Nuss has a team of skillful packers who are well versed with all kinds of packing materials suited for various kinds of goods. They ensure that the goods are packed well and have complete protection during local, interstate or international transit. The packers use special cartons and extra protective wrappings to pack the goods. Special crates are also used to pack antiques and other high value items.

Relocation services

Nuss does not limit its operations to delivery of goods from one location to another but also helps the clients in settling down in new locations in other states within Australia or in foreign countries. The company has a web of consultants in towns and cities in Australia and other countries who are able to provide expert guidance and support to the clients to settle down in the new surroundings.

The local consultant deployed by Nuss hunts for houses on rent for temporary accommodation or properties for sale on behalf of the client in the place where he/she is shifting. Nuss can also handle negotiations for renting properties and can also be enlisted with the task of renting furniture and appliances for the new home.

The relocation consultant of Nuss also helps the client in knowing the place. To this end, the client is given a guided tour of the place. Information regrading various aspects of the place such as local amenities, hospitals, shopping facilities, schools, sports and recreational centres and local transportation is provided to the client.

Nuss also provides many other additional services for the clients. These include hiring handyman and electrician, valet unpacking and cleaning of the house.

Edith Lindsay