Duvet, Coverlet, Duvet Cover, Quilt:  What’s the Difference?

Quality sleep at night is all you need to get the energy and motivation for work and the routine household chores. If you visit a bed store, you are going to find section after section filled with different types of mattresses and bed covers. You will find cozy bed sheets that keep you warm in the colder months, a soft duvet that promises a good night’s sleep, and a quilted bed sheet that is an ideal option for all seasons. You may also want to invest in a quality bedding topper to protect your mattress from strain, weather, and microbes.

Unlike bed sheets, bedding toppers are often used for decorative purposes. In addition to being functional, they complement your bedroom’s décor. So, are you ready to give your living room a new look? Let’s have a look at the difference between Duvet, Coverlet, Duvet Cover, and Quilt. Check and compare the functionalities of each type of bed cover and choose the one that fits your style and living room. Let’s start with the Duvets:


Some people confuse Duvet with duvet covers. However, the former refers to a comforter that comprises feathers, down and synthetic fiber. Being one of the most sought-after bedding options in Europe, Duvets have gained immense popularity in the US as well.

In the United States, Duvets and Comforters are considered the same bedding material. In simple terms, Duvet is a warm and soft blanket. Depending on the amount and quality of its filling, duet can be incredibly warm.

Duvet Cover

The duvet cover is one large piece of bedding topper that fits over the comforter. It can have threaded ties, a zipper, or buttons. Basically, it provides protection to the comforter by keeping it safe from liquid spills, food, microbes, and other such stains. Just like how pillowcase covers pillows, the duvet cover enhances the beauty of the comforter and offers protection.

If you want to renovate your living room, purchase 300 tc cotton duvet covers and striped duvet covers. These covers are easy to remove. Unlike traditional duvets, a duvet cover is easy to wash. The best part about duvet covers is that you can detach them from the comforter and use them alone in summers. Fortunately, duvet covers are available in multiple designs and colors. If you want to give your living room a contemporary touch, invest in embroidered and embellished duvet covers. They are perfect for minimalist and contemporary-style bedrooms.


The quilt is a new trend in the bedding and mattress industry. Usually, it comprises three main layers, which include the top layer, inner layer, and bottom. The manufacturer stitches multiple pieces of colorful and neutral fabrics and converts it into a sophisticated fabric to create quilted material. The three layers are stitched thoroughly.

Quilted bed toppers can feature bright colors, neutral patterns, or a mix of multiple colors. Unlike traditional quilts, the modern quilter bed sheets are available at an affordable price. The fabrics are stitched with a sewing machine and the designs are often dyed on the material. Quilt bed toppers are extremely light and a perfect option for winters. You can use these toppers with a blanket in the colder months. Quilts are mostly made of cotton.


The coverlet looks somewhat similar to the quilter bed topper. The only difference between the two is that quilt has an inner batting layer and thread lines, while coverlets are solid pieces of fabric. Coverlet imitates the hand-stitched quilt’s design made in France. However, they are not filled with any sort of padding.

The use of heavy materials such as matelasse gives coverlet a quilter topper look. Often used as the decorative piece of bedding, the coverlet is an ideal option for light bed sheets for summer. If you want to cover yourself with light and comfortable blankets in the hot months, then the coverlet is your best option. Like other bed toppers mentioned above, coverlet comes in a broad range of designs. You can choose the one that complements your living room.

Final Words

Give your room a contemporary touch by adding a solid and cozy piece of topper over your mattress. Purchase a quality bedding topper from pushplinen.com.


Paul Petersen