Your house windows that are wider than the usual size require some extra privacy and covering. Due to this, Wide Blinds are the best option in the market of Online Blinds. They help to have all the ease such as controlling through your fingertips and offering you power over your privacy. You can use Wide Blinds to enhance the look of your windows as well.

As a takeaway point, always try to choose light-colored Wide Blinds as they will not require dusting as often as the dark color Wide Blinds require. You can have tactual finishing Wide Blinds as well for a better experience. If you are looking for ready-made blinds then you must keep in your mind that you have limited color and size options for large windows. But they are also cheaper in prices so it might attract someone who is on budget.

Below are a few types of Wide Blinds that can easily be bought from the category of Online Blinds:

Metal Blinds

Metal Wide Blinds are used in combination with vinyl horizontal Wide Blinds. An important point to remember is; vinyl horizontal Wide Blinds are less stronger in the mechanism than the metal Wide Blinds.

Metal blinds are the better option in terms of long-lasting usage as compared to vinyl Wide Blinds as they are less affected by the temperature extremes as well as fewer chances of cracking slats and sagging. While looking for Online Blinds, always try to go for at least a 2-inch wide slat that have maximum gauge availability.

Vertical Blinds

Vertical Wide Blinds are highly recommended for the large sized windows. You can use a wand as well as a remote to cover or block the light passage, offering an easy controlling option for you while looking for Online Blinds.

Vertical Wide Blinds have extra-thick slats gauges that helps prevent the ultraviolet rays due to their maximum ultraviolet protection. You can find plenty of styles in Online Blinds, especially when looking for vertical Wide Blinds. This is because the slats can be covered with a wide variety of fabric hence, it opens up endless options in styles.

Wood Blinds

If you are more into insulating benefits and looking for an aesthetic room’s appearance then wood Wide Blinds is another best option for you. They are recommended for the large windows. You can find this type of blinds in the category of Online Blinds but be careful while deciding between its size.

Usually, 2-inch wide slats are just fine for the shutter look. To minimize the stress on blind ladder tapes, you need to consider multiple Wide Blinds for the extra-large glass. Always compare the warranty of the mechanism when you are deciding to purchase wood Online Blinds because they require repairs and fixes more often than other Wide Blinds.

Soft Blinds

Another type of Wide Blinds available in the Online Blinds market is popular as soft blinds. They are famous due to their vinyl, metal, and wood counterparts. The versatility of soft Wide Blinds can be determined by the clutch roller system and fabric vanes that set them apart from the other Wide Blinds.

They are good option for large window openings. Soft Wide Blinds are easily available in horizontal and vertical slats. It comes with light-filtering and room-darkening options. Their soft cellular shades and pleated fabric provides a clearer look to your decor. Their combination with valances and drapes enhances the effects of softness. Soft blinds are easily available in all Online Blinds stores.

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