Cutting Business Energy Bills with a Commercial Audit

In today’s tougher economy now more then ever as a business, you need to pay attention to the bills you have outgoing. That includes your energy bill. A lot of businesses are paying more than they need to on their electrical bills because of inefficiency. The cost of running inefficient lighting and electrical systems adds up to far more money each year than you might even realize. The best way to identify if there is wasate and to optimize your energy use is to reach out to a commercial Electrician in Lakewood or local to you.

Why do you need a commercial electrician?

When you own a business having a skilled commercial electrician in Bricktown or close to you to call on is a must. Commercial electrical projects often can cover larger areas and to ensure the best quality of work it is best to hire an electrician that specialized in commercial work and has a good amount of experience. After all, keep in mind that the electrical systems in your place of work have a direct impact on your profit-making and margins. Your electrician should;

  • Be up to date on tools, technologies, and codes.
  • Know the electrical needs you have in your industry or business.
  • Have all the inspections, permits, and approvals necessary so that all the work is legal.
  • Do the project as quickly as they can so that you are not losing work and production time.
  • Be able to offer detailed pricing in writing with no pressure for you to hire them so you can compare and choose the best option for you.

Find a commercial electrician

The first step is to find a local commercial electrician in Jackson. Then you need an energy audit to be undertaken. They will look at your wiring, lighting systems, fixtures, machines, bulbs, lamps and so on. Every part of your lighting system will be explored to see how much energy is being consumed and then compare that to what an energy-efficient system would look like. All types of businesses can benefit, including;

  • Car dealerships
  • Small to large office buildings
  • Banks
  • Retail businesses
  • Industrial property
  • Grocery stores
  • Warehouses

After the audit, the commercial electrician in Lakewood or where you are, will talk to you about what they have discovered and go over a suggested plan to reduce the energy consumption. You can better streamline your lighting system and target areas that need specific work.

Usual recommendations

Some common recommendations that will likely come up in your audit are to move from regular light bulbs to something more energy efficient like compact fluorescent bulbs. This will depend on the space, they are best suited for areas like workstations, offices, and restrooms. With some of the energy-efficiency bulbs, you can get the same power in lighting, but with less energy, so it saves you money and it is better for the environment. Just reach out to some local companies and find a commercial electrician you are happy to work with. You will not regret it.

Peach Salin