Finer Options for the best Room Décor

A passageway, the hallway is an in-between to be fitted out with care to give style to the house. For lack of ideas, it is often left abandoned. If we think it difficult to develop because of its long layout, it is energized with little: a few photos, a mottled bench or a beautiful green plant. There are easy options to set up to change the character of the corridor. Color, a cement tile floor or original wallpaper are also ways to make it unique and give it real character. Browse 12 inspiring ideas to bring a hallway back to life.

Ideas to magnify a dead end

The corridor is one of those spaces that we cross every day without really paying attention. Apart from a small layer of paint, its appearance remains largely neglected, and in fact it very rarely benefits from the decorative care given to living rooms. A paradox when we know that this place of passage punctuates our comings and goings in the heart of the home. Things get more difficult if the corridor does not lead to a room but ends in a dead end. When it ends with a vacant wall, the corridor seems all the more inhospitable. However, investing the back wall is essential to make the most of this place of passage, and we will prove it to you. In case of CraftSide service you can have the best deal.

Building a long wall

Regardless of the area available, all homes have their share of constraints with which to deal. And if we naturally think of the tight spaces – where square meters are scarce – we quickly forget that laying out a long wall can also be a real headache. In particular because a large partition left abandoned changes the perception of volume, impacting the whole atmosphere of the room. So that the house does not appear “empty”, it is necessary to invest the long wall with suitable fittings. A tailor-made library or decorative picture rails, the professionals compete in ingenuity to transform this defect into quality.

Painting: color ideas for your walls

The paint is available in a thousand colors for the walls. From vegetable green to cozy dark gray, passing through original and offbeat tones, all desires are fulfilled in terms of colors. In the selection criteria, light is also very important. Depending on the destination room, a matte or satin finish will not have the same rendering. The quality of the wall, more or less smooth, is also to be taken into account to define the ideal paint. Discover 20 color ideas to repaint your walls.

Decorate the bottom of the walls with paint

In terms of decoration, the role of partitions should not be taken lightly. The profile of the walls considerably influences the ambience of a place and can, in certain cases, modify its perception. This is why we are so cautious about thinking outside the box when it comes to painting. However, there is a whole range of possibilities for dressing the walls without resorting to the traditional monochrome: in particular highlighting the base. Distinguishing the bottom of the walls with a nuanced color, thus emphasizes the architecture of a room. A few brushstrokes or a different coating on the lower half of the wall and the whole decor comes to life.

Edith Lindsay