Five Common Garage Door Issues that you Should Not Ignore

Modern garage doors are safe and tend to open automatically, adding beauty and charm to your property. However, sometimes, they can experience some issues that must be repaired immediately. Some of these issues can be expensive and a real hassle. Below are some of the common issues garage doors can experience that require the services of professionals:

The Opener Does Not Work

This is a common garage door issue that can be easily fixed. If you have a chain- or drive-screw-operated garage door opener that does not work, you may need to lubricate to minimise friction. It may help to apply a generous amount of silicone-based lubricant or spray lube to the full length of the opener and wipe off the excess. In case this doesn’t work, call an expert immediately.

The Door Moves Unevenly

This could mean something might be blocking the tracks. Check and remove any obstructions if there are any. Don’t forget to wipe the tracks down. If this does not do the trick, the spring system might be to blame. In this case, you must contact a professional to resolve this problem.

The Door Does not Open

Often, the photo eye sensors are to blame for this type of garage door issue. Make sure the sensors are clean and properly aligned. If the door opens slightly and then closes immediately, you might need to replace the torsion spring richmond va. But, let the professional diagnose your garage door issue so they can determine the right solution for it. They will also determine the specific garage door parts that might need replacements.

Rust Information

Rust will tarnish your garage door’s home and compromises its ability to lock out dirt and other external elements. Often, rust forms when iron gets exposed to water or air for an extended period of time. You can remove the rust by cleaning the affected area with dishwashing soap first, then rubbing the rust with a vinegar-soaked cloth. Sand the affected part if this will not negate the warranty of your door. Finally, apply a fresh coat of primer and paint. But, you can avoid all these hassles by having your roof inspected every year during spring or fall.

The Door is Making Loud Noises

If your garage door has some issues, it could make a grinding, popping, or rattling sound. The grinding sound is produced when the rollers are worn out or hasn’t been sufficiently lubricated. You will hear a rattling sound when some of the nuts, bolts, and screws on the door have become loose. Finally, a popping sound indicates the need to lubricate or adjust the torsion spring.

Edith Lindsay