How to Control Cockroaches in your home

Cockroaches are of the common pests in your house which makes more trouble troubles. Mostly roaches get attracted to water and food. You can find the cockroaches probably during night time in your kitchen area, plumping spots, bathroom side and under basements. Cockroaches prefer to live in darkness.

To prevent an infestation the simple prevention measure is to clean your house daily and to store your food products properly. In case if the roaches already entered your house, you can take necessary actions to get rid of.

Once the roaches enter your home for food and shelter, they will increase in number rapidly. It causes bacterial infection, food poisoning, and some skin allergies like rashes. They can also produce some unpleasant odor.

Follow our effective control measures to treat the cockroaches and to eliminate them out of your home.

Ensure the Identity of cockroaches

Before act for the control methods, it is fine to identify the infestation of cockroaches in your home. Spot them with the help of lights, mostly they hide behind the washing machine, under the basement area, food cabinets, bathrooms, kitchen sink, and room corners.

Now you got an idea about the infestation area and you can examine sites to ensure the presence of cockroaches in your home. Monitor them closely then it’s time to take necessary control methods.

Seal the Holes with Caulk

Prevention is better than cure. So, it’s better to prevent the entry of cockroaches into your home. Caulking is a kind of material used to seal the entry of roaches into your house. With the help of caulk fill all gaps like window side, pipelines, door openings, and some basement openings. You can also fill the gaps between the ceramic tiles and crevices that make the entry for the roaches.


  • Lots of killer tubes are available in the market to treat cockroaches Gel Bait is an effective killer. You can apply this over the affected area in a night time. You can find numerous death roaches lying around your house while you wake up.
  • Bait Stations is another method, it’s a kind of poisoning method. Roaches get attracted to the bait station easily and the affected roaches spread the poison to the other roaches easily in its home location. Due to the presence of poison, the Bait stations method is not an advisable one.

Go for Natural Way

Consider the home location and food items some natural way of control method is advisable.

  • Sugar and baking soda combination are one of the simple and natural ways of killing the cockroaches. Soda mix makes cockroaches die slowly. Mix a lump of sugar and baking soda in a container and sprinkle the mixture where you are spotting the roaches.
  • Another natural method is the bay leaf. You can take a hand full of bay leaves and make it as powder and sprinkle gently over the floor to get rid of cockroaches. Contact Pest Exterminators – for the professional pest control services in London.

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