How to prepare for a move with a professional moving company

Once your booking for the moving date has been set by the moving company, you need to get ready before the movers arrive. Here are some of the things that you can do to get yourself organized and ready for the move. Do check out the top Interstate Moving Arizona

  1. Clean: Set aside a few weeks for cleaning before the movers arrive. Start with any room, cleaning the drawers, closet, and other stuff. Cleaning not only makes the job easier by reducing the burden for the movers, but it also saves a lot of your money on labor costs and packing materials. While you are cleaning your belongings, you can even donate or sell some of the items that you think are no longer needed for you.
  1. Buy the items that are essential for packaging: The packing materials like bubble wrap, boxes, scissors, packing tape, etc are needed for packaging the items. There are possibilities that you may run short of the packing materials and hence you can order them from online stores like Amazon.
  1. Labeling the Boxes: If you are the one who will do all the packing rather than leaving it to the movers, you must label all the boxes. It involves writing a note like “Fragile, handle with care”, “ Load Last”, “Emergency items”, etc. It can be a great help for the movers and you too will remember the items in each box. Moreover, there will be less damage when it comes to fragile items.
  1. Speak with your moving company: It is very important to be organized by calling and speaking with your movers about the time to move. If you have already scheduled the time, ensure they stick to that time. Exchange the contact numbers for communication as it is very important to avoid any last-minute confusion.
  1. Preparing your appliances: The moving company will not disconnect all your home appliances like a washer, refrigerator, dryer, etc. It is your job to do the same by disconnecting all your home appliances.
  1. Packing the essential items in the Last box on load: To make things easily accessible in your new home, you must pack all your necessary items in the last box on load. This will avoid looking for your essential items like towels, pillows, bedsheets, first aid kit, toothbrush, etc.
  1. The important documents must be kept in a safe place: It is very important to safeguard all your vital documents and paperwork like birth certificates, lease or mortgage documents, passport, driving license, insurance bonds, medical records, etc.
  1. Caring for your kids and pets: Your kids and pets must be kept safe on moving day. It is better to keep them away from the movers to avoid any accidents while moving large furniture or bulky boxes. The movers can do their job more efficiently if the pets or kids are not running around or causing any disturbance.

With all the above-mentioned tips, you can prepare for the move to your new home. The professional packers will also appreciate your support so that the move can be done smoothly.

Edith Lindsay