Important Factors to Consider to Pick the Right Flush Mount for a Room

Flush mounts are common home light fixtures. The majority of homeowners choose to invest in them due to their versatility and availability in various finishes and styles. Also, Union flush mounts can fit in small spaces, particularly those that have low ceilings. With them, small rooms, hallways, and walk-in closets get ambient or general lighting. Flush mounts give a room an ornamental lighting piece even if it has limited space. 

You can find a range of styles for such ceiling lights. A flush mount is made from various materials and comes in various kinds of finishes. When you pick flush mounts for certain rooms, consider every room’s interior décor and your design preferences. Also, you should think about the design, material, size, brightness, and price of the flush mount.

Flush Mount Designs

There are different design options for flush mounts from traditional to modern. Some fixtures have a clean, minimalist look while other fixtures have a more lavish appearance. Shape and size are essential factors to think about when picking flush mount ceiling lights. You want to have a fixture with the right size to avoid either overwhelming or understating a room. Also, your lighting’s material, finish, colour, and style must complement your other interior décor.

  • Traditional flush mounts. These flush ceiling light fixtures feature heritage and antique designs that express a rustic feel. Often, they are available in iron, brass, and bronze tones.
  • Transitional light fixtures. These light fixtures are a combination of conventional and contemporary designs. They come in a range of styles and can be made with glass or plastic in the shape of a bowl. Some of these include traditional elements such as antique iron or bronze and others have a modern finish like stainless steel or nickel. 
  • Contemporary. Modern or contemporary ceiling light fixtures display clean, simple lines that showcase subtle sophistication. Typically, they have understated and minimalist designs. However, some of them feature experimental and futuristic styles. 

Flush Mount Size and Wattage

When you pick the right light fixture, ensure it fits well within a space. In feet, add the room’s length and width and convert the sum to inches. The figure will dictate the flush mount’s approximate width. But this may not apply to all situations, so make sure you consult a lighting expert. 

The right flush mount wattage will make sure sufficient room illumination is achieved. This can be done by multiplying the room dimension to get its total square footage, which will then be multiplied by 1.5 to get the number of watts necessary for the room. 

Paul Petersen