Looking at different Pawn Shops in Melbourne can give you many reasons to buy or sell your watch. Maybe it is time for a new timepiece, or you want to make money on the side. Or perhaps you want an investment piece. Then watches is a great way to make that extra cash.

But you need to know which brands are worth investing in and reselling. To answer the question, some pawnbrokers in the city advised that the following watch brands will make you the most profit. First, we have Rolex, one of the oldest manufacturers of timepieces.

It is one of the best watches to sell if you have this luxury watch. Of course, buying the models might not all be right for you. But Rolex is a worthy option for long-term investment from stainless steel, rose gold, and titanium to gold plated.

Depending on the design and market prices, you can expect high prices for the brand if you are in a tight spot and need fast cash. Another timepiece that will come with a hefty price tag is gold watches.

But with the high price, the watch has loads to offer. The main advantage is temperature does not affect them. Even better, when the time comes to sell your gold watch, a pawnbroker is sure to give you an excellent buyback price.

Even Patek Phillipe is on the list for high-quality timepieces and can cost thousands, but they run smoothly. For example, the Calatrava Aquanaut is a delicate timepiece that retains a resale value well through the years. Patek Phillipe brand received high prices on auctions. Check out the article here.

Another notable thing, a Pawn Shop located in Melbourne CBD mentioned is that gold is not the only precious metal when reselling your watch. Even platinum watches handcrafted look flawless. So while it might not last a lifetime like gold timepieces, the value of the metal is directly proportional to its size.

Then you have your luxury brand watches like Hublot that are expensive as it feels prestigious to wear. So, if you have a Tag Heuer, many pawnbrokers will give you good money if you need cash, depending on the market demand.

Lastly, you have your customized watch brands producing limited editions. The timepiece involves various parts from different models, so you get a unique design. You can even choose your colour palette to be creative. Hence, it makes your watch unique from the rest and can bring in top dollars.

So, these are some of the best watches recommended by pawnshops to buy or resell. Maybe you already have such a gorgeous collection of watches and would like to diversify the inventory. Then consider selling your old timepieces to a pawn shop near me instead of taking up space.

You will be surprised that you can get more money for that gold watch and receive satisfaction knowing you do not need it anymore. The best part is that you can sell your old watch reasonably priced. You may even spot another long-term investment timepiece at the pawnbroker to replace it.


Kathy McDonough