The Best Neighborhoods for Executive Apartments in Houston

Houston is a vibrant city. It is growing. Many relocate to Houston because of the strong job market and its steady supply of high-paying jobs. One way to quickly move to this area and make a smooth transition is to consider the choices for executive apartments in Houston. When moving to Houston, many executives do not have time to search for a house before starting a new job, so this option of staying in an executive apartment is an excellent choice.

Executive apartments are five-star hotel quality with more of the “homey” feeling than hotel rooms, with more space and full kitchens. Many have magnificent views. A stay may extend from a short-term to your desired length. They are fully furnished, in perfect condition, and ready to move in.

Houston is large. There are plenty of apartments to choose from in the Houston Metro area. Here are some of the best neighborhoods to find executive apartments in Houston for you to consider.

Southside Place

This neighborhood is just north of the Brays Bayou waterway. It is a superb location for those attending or teaching at Rice University. It is also convenient for those who work at the Texas Medical Center.

South Hampton

If you prefer to be even closer to Rice University, try South Hampton. It is adjacent to the school on the west side. There are many fun things to do at the university, even if you do not attend.


If being in a high-rise is your preference, there is a brand new 35-story apartment complex in the Southgate neighborhood, across the street from Texas Children’s Hospital. From the top floors, the view of Houston is spectacular.

Herman Park

One nice amenity offered by Houston is the lovely Herman Park. It has a lake, a Japanese Garden, a golf course, the Miller Outdoor Theater, and the Houston Zoo. Just to the northeast of the park is The Circle, which is an excellent choice.

Braeswood Place

The Brays Bayou waterway runs through Braeswood Place. If you would like to enjoy a view of the bayou, chose an apartment on an upper floor, looking south. This neighborhood is close to the I-610 freeway. Depending on the traffic, it takes only 10 to 20 minutes to drive to Downtown Houston.


A little further west, there are well-designed apartment complexes with around six stories that went up recently in the Uptown area. The Houston Chronicle has its corporate office located in this area.


These are just a few of the best neighborhoods to consider. A convenient thing about renting an executive apartment is that there is no need for a long-term commitment. You can stay for a few days or on a month-to-month basis. You can move from one apartment complex to another and get a feel for each neighborhood before you decide where to buy a condominium or a home. That’s what I did.

Edith Lindsay