What Property Owners Should Know About Sliding Driveway Gates

Sliding driveway gates come in several styles. A person must know what this type of gate is and why they should choose it. They must then learn about the different styles offered today. Each style comes with benefits property owners must know before determining which is right for their needs. The following guide provides this information and more.

The Benefits of Sliding Driveway Gates

Sliding driveway gates require no space to operate. They don’t swing open, so the property owner won’t need to account for additional space for the operation of the gate. Property owners with limited driveway space appreciate this. They only have to account for the room needed alongside the fence or wall to accommodate the gate. However, they must determine which style best meets the needs of their property.

Rolling Gates

When comparing sliding driveway gates, homeowners should consider rolling electric gates. These gates operate on rubber wheels with no track. Property owners appreciate not having a track to maintain and enjoy the simple, uncluttered look of the driveway. There is no track to interfere with the smooth surface. Furthermore, automating the gate reduces the time needed to open and close the barrier, which may be of concern in high-traffic locations.

V-Track Electric Sliding Gates

Some property owners choose a v-track electric sliding gate. As the name suggests, the gate opens and closes with the help of a V-shaped track. However, property owners find heavy snow and ice interfere with the operation of the gate, so they must consider the climate when deciding if this option meets their needs. The track also needs regular maintenance to operate properly.

Cantilever Sliding Gates

A person who doesn’t want a track marring the driveway surface may choose a cantilever sliding gate. This gate style never contacts the ground and requires no support from below. The gate remains elevated and supported by rails on the side. Unpaved driveways benefit greatly from this type of gate, as do uneven driveways. Individuals who live in an area that receives regular snowfall should consider this option, as snow on the ground won’t interfere with its operation.

Telescopic Sliding Gates

When a gate of this type needs to open, it must slide to the side. However, some properties don’t allow for this movement. With a telescopic sliding gate, the gate consists of two pieces. When the gate opens, the two pieces stack on each other. They spread out again when the gate closes. Manufacturers can customize the gate to accommodate the terrain if needed.

The Benefits of Sliding Driveway Gates

Regardless of which style a property owner selects, they know their property will be more secure and appealing. Children and pets will remain on the property without the need for constant supervision and unwanted individuals will remain on the outside. Furthermore, sliding driveway gates serve as the perfect option for steep driveways where a swinging gate could be a hazard.

Sliding driveway gates come in many styles. Every property owner must consider several factors when choosing which style is appropriate for their needs. This includes the architectural style of the buildings on the property, the terrain, and the space available for the gate. However, any sliding gate serves as a valuable addition to the property, so it’s an option owners should never overlook.

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