What Substances Are Employed in the Construction of Patio Covers?

Will you construct a patio cover? Are they built on a strong basis, and how exactly do they work? Do you want to make the most advantageous purchase possible?

It makes sense to ponder what characteristics distinguish one substance from another. The numerous construction materials utilized to create patio covers in Boise, Idaho, as well as the expected lifetime of such covers, if purchased from a reliable firm like Butte Fence, will be covered in the words that follow.


Aluminum is a favored material for patio covers due to its strength and lightweight. Given its well-known hardness and capacity to withstand a wide range of unfavorable temperatures, this makes sense. An aluminum patio cover is capable of being quickly installed. At this stage, all that remains is to fuse the metal sheets’ joints together. On the other hand, if you want it done perfectly, you may need to hire a professional.

Aluminum patio covers are also inherently insect and rodent resistant, in contrast to wooden patio covers. To prevent corrosion, the metal patio cover has to be coated or otherwise protected. Aluminum is a substance that is often used in the building industry due to its strength and versatility. Once you are aware that your home is clear of pests, you should feel more at rest.


Vinyl is often used to cover patios because of its durability in both intense heat and heavy rain. Vinyl has a very long lifespan. Therefore, patio coverings have to endure at least 20 years. Sunlight does not corrode vinyl, nor does salt water affect it. You don’t even need to paint it to match the outside color of your house since this material is available in whatever precast color you like. Vinyl is a versatile substance, which has added to its great popularity. With the assistance of a professional, you can build a patio cover that is aesthetically pleasing and raises the value of your house.

Outdoor Defense

Aluminum and wood are combined to produce the “Aluma wood” composite material, which is both aesthetically beautiful and tough. This material is being used more often to cover patios in commercial buildings. Aluminum may be responsible for its durability and for giving it a wood-like touch and feel. Alumawood patio covers are popular because they are versatile and simple to install. They will improve the outside of your house and go well with the style. Additionally, the material won’t corrode with time and will last a very long period in excellent condition.

This choice is made by modern homeowners because it guarantees that the thing they purchase is distinctive and will last for a very long time.

Utilizing Outdoor Wooden Canopies

The majority of patio covers are constructed of wood, which blends seamlessly with the outside of your house. Wood is an excellent material for the building of patio covers because of its natural resistance to things like rust, corrosion, dampness, and UV radiation, among other things. Due to its ability to endure powerful wind gusts, wood patio covers are the most resilient option in locations with high wind speeds. Patio covers made of wood are inexpensive and easy to maintain. If insects or other unwelcome objects get beneath your wooden patio cover, they could make your life miserable all the time.

Wood has long been a preferred material since it is a natural product with a pleasing look in many applications. The adaptability of wood is perhaps why it continues to appeal to people.

Alternatives to Butte Fencing for Patio Covering

A patio cover might be a standalone structure or a long-term improvement to an already-existing patio. The frames for our patio covers are typically constructed using vinyl 2×6 headers and vinyl 2×4 joists. A steel connection connects the two pieces at the bottom. Posts may be positioned on concrete, wood decks, or even the ground. Porch swings and even plants may be hung from these durable vinyl patio coverings.

If you keep looking, you may find the perfect vinyl patio cover. For a louvered patio canopy, two basic designs—a 2×2 shade slat and a 1×3 shade slat—are offered. A 2×2 grid is present on the bulk of the wooden items. This is a fantastic method to add depth and a beautiful curve to the patio cover. To suit the 1×3 slats, the joists for a patio roof might be formed into louvers. This design stands out due to its emphasis on simple, straight lines and its subtle use of shadow.

Patio covers that are manufactured to order may feature louvers that seem traditional or contemporary. Steel beams may be constructed on any flat surface, including concrete, soil, grass, and decks. Patio coverings are offered in two colors: white and brown. Our specialists can professionally install patio covers for you, or we can provide you with the supplies you need to build one yourself.

Tips for Keeping Patio Security

However, it is your responsibility as a homeowner to keep your patio and deck in good shape. You wouldn’t want a guest at your house to be hurt on your unmaintained patio or deck, would you?

Continue reading to find out more about the safety measures you must implement on your patio or deck.

  • Examine the deck boards closely to find any damaged planks. Decks may last for many years if they are built from wood that has been properly sealed and maintained. Wood, on the other hand, ages and degrades with time. You may check to see whether the wood on your deck is rotting by whacking it with a pitchfork, shovel, or spade. A shovel or a pitchfork may easily puncture wood, indicating that it needs to be fixed.
  • Examine the stairwells and railings closely to see how well-maintained they are now. People’s safety is in jeopardy when stairways and railings are destroyed or exposed. You may find out how securely the railing is fixed to the wall by gently tapping it and watching to see whether it moves. Ensure that the steps remain level and parallel to the deck.
  • Both trees and plants need trimming. Overgrown plants and trees that obstruct access to your deck should be pruned.
  • You must keep any grills or fire pits you use at least 20 feet away from your house. Keep a barbecue or fire pit far enough away from your house to be safe. There is always a possibility that the food you are grilling may catch fire. It’s rude to move your grill or fire pit only to impress your friends, particularly if you’re trying to create a good first impression. Eliminate any potential mold or algae growth. You must maintain the condition of your decks and paneling since these allergies flourish in cool, gloomy settings. To get rid of mold and algae, you should clean the region using a solution that is secure for you, your pets, and the environment.

Consider the furnishings you want to utilize and the arrangement of the room before making any decisions. Remove any furniture that has been positioned on the pool fence or deck railing. All kids have a wonderful ability to take in their environment. They face the risk of falling off if they attempt to stand on certain pieces of furniture.


Most people choose one of these patio roof alternatives. Speak with your builder and conduct some research to determine which features are ideal for your house. Visit our website to learn more about the many materials and customized options that Butte Fence offers.

Kathy McDonough