4 Innovative Two-Tone Kitchen Designs

Two-tone kitchen designs are very popular in the modern household. No matter the size of your kitchen, be it a small kitchen, a galley kitchen, an open kitchen or a spacious one, the dual tonal designs fit in just perfectly. With these designs, you can give your kitchen a trendy and sophisticated look. An aesthetic aura resonates in the heart of your home, making it a place to explore creativity in cooking, fresh thoughts and become the perfect space for your family to be together. We have put together a few innovative and popular kitchen designs for you to try out in the next kitchen renovation.

There Is No Beauty without Colors

Adding a splash of color in your remodeled kitchen will grab the attention of all your guests. If you properly color-coordinate the cabinetry and wall colors or countertop colors, you can make it look unique. It would always be advisable to visit a wholesale kitchen cabinets store as you get affordable furniture there without compromising on the quality of the item. You can choose cherry kitchen cabinets for the new look and try painting the walls white. This red and white combination will make your kitchen pop in the minds of your guests and inspire them to get a similar look. This gorgeous cherry kitchen cabinets will give your kitchen an elegant appearance. You can definitely explore various colors to get a trendy remodeled kitchen.

You Can Never Go Wrong With White

The color white makes everything look sophisticated and you should definitely think of getting it for the next kitchen remodeling project. If you visit cabinet showrooms, you can see how elegant antique white kitchen cabinets look and get a feel of it for your new kitchen design. White cabinets can be contrasted with earthy hues in flooring, wall colors and countertops. This dual tone kitchen design will give your remodeled kitchen a vintage look. The antique white kitchen cabinets will impart an aesthetic aura to the area and make you popular among your friends with the classy Victorian ambience.

A Common Kitchen and Dining Area

If you opt for a common area for both cooking and dining, it would be easier for you to install a dual tone in the kitchen. You can contrast colors easily with deep shades or bright shades for the dining table and an all-white cabinetry for the kitchen. You may also think of going for rich brown colors for the cabinet and complementing colors for the dining space. You can create a very deep impact with proper usage of lighting. You should be able to change the ambience from a family gathering to a party atmosphere and even a romantic date. Good lighting is essential for the desirable effect from a dual tone design for the kitchen.

The Beauty of Neutral Colors

If you have a galley kitchen, L-shaped or U-shaped kitchen, you can use dual neutral shades to make your kitchen look trendy. Opting for white for the top shelves and a grayish hue for the bottom drawers is a very sophisticated look to try out in your upcoming renovation project. In galley kitchens, it becomes a necessity to use the vertical height since there is not much width between two parallel countertops. You can easily choose a suitable dual tone to redesign your kitchen. This will eliminate the issue of monotony caused by single shade for the whole kitchen setup.

We hope that these innovative designs help you get a trendy and catchy look for the next kitchen remodel project. These should give you an idea on how to go about installing a dual tone for your kitchen. Nonetheless, it is important to visit cabinet showrooms to get the actual feel of two tonal kitchens.

Edith Lindsay