Easy photography tips when listing your home for sale

With many homes on the market, your first impression means everything to a new homebuyer and typically that first impression is done through your homes online listing — via description and images.

While it may be easy for you to come up with a description of the home, photography may not be your strong suit yet it’s the most important part of any homes MLS listing. By following these easy photography tips, you’re sure to give homebuyers a chance to see the full potential and beauty of your home.

Declutter — Before you decide to take photos of your home, it’s important you declutter each room. Clutter can cause a room to look smaller than it really is and can turn a homebuyer away. Remember when you were picturing yourself in the home before purchase, what were the highlights of the home that you loved the most? Capture those.

Set the dining room table — While it may seem strange to set your table to look like a professional did it, it’s important. New buyers want to picture themselves within that space and by adding a few simple touches like plates, napkins, and a centerpiece you can make the home appear more upscale than it really is.

Hide unnecessary items — When you take photos of your bedroom or bathroom, it’s important you hide personal items, so the world doesn’t see them. If you have hair or toothbrushes on your bathroom counters, tuck them away or move them to another room while you photograph. Same with your bedroom, no one wants to see the book you’re reading or feet cream that you have on your nightstand.

Mow your lawn — This one is something many realtors stress on, yet most homeowners forget. Your lawn looks much better when it’s mowed and tamed. Before you take images of your home’s exterior, be sure to clean up the yard by mowing, removing weeds, and watering flowers. You should also clean exterior windows and if possible power wash your siding.

Paul Petersen