5 Tips For Maintaining Your Marble Dining Table In Singapore


Among all natural stone table tops and countertops, marble is the favourite and is mostly available in the market. But marbles can be a bit sensitive compared to quartz countertops. You need proper care for your marble dining table in Singapore to preserve its beauty.

Here are some tips on how to care for your marble:

1. Clean your marble weekly

Cleaning your marble with a dry and soft cloth will remove the dust and debris on your marble table. If smudges and stains are present, you can use a soft cloth damp in distilled or purified water to remove the dirt.

You can also do this tip on your other living room furniture in Singapore.

2. Avoid cleaning agent

Marble is a porous material, meaning it has billions of micropores. Using harsh products, such as detergent, bleach, and multi-purpose sprays will not only strip away the coating of your marble but will also seep through the pores and destroy the stone. It will cause discolouration as well.

Never use harsh cleaners on the coffee tables for salein Singapore.

3. Avoid acidic liquid

People drink and use tons of acidic liquid, from wine to vinegar down to carbonated drinks. As much as possible, avoid spillage of these liquids on your marble. You can use a placemat or coaster for protection. Acidic liquid causes discolouration.

Wipe these liquids immediately when spilt on your marble table top. Much better if you drink your wine on a sofa bed in Singapore.

4. Avoid heat

Marble can be sensitive to heat as well. Heat can cause discolouration on your countertop and may leave scratches on the surface. To be safe, use placemats and coasters when placing a pot of soup or a cup of tea on your marble dining table.

5. Coating and sealant

As mentioned, marble is a porous material, and manufacturers apply sealants for protection. Similar to how people take care of a wooden bed frame in Singapore, marble needs recoating at least once a year.

No need to worry about your marble after applying these tips.

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