6 Different Ways to maintain a silk carpet

We all talk about living with the current trend, but it’s easier said than done. Sure, you must be using the latest mobile phone or wearing the trendiest clothes, but have you thought about upgrading your home to the latest standards? 

Tearing down the entire house and upgrading it into a modern space can be a tedious task, and let’s not forget the hefty sum you’d have to shell out for the renovation. However, silk carpets can work wonders if you quickly want to add an element of chic to your house, silk carpets can work wonders. 

The royalty that silk carpets bring into your home cannot be described in words. Made from the finest silk, these carpets can make any area of your house lavish. Nothing can go wrong with silk carpets for those who want to upgrade their space. If you think maintaining silk carpets will be tedious, let us give you a guide on maintaining silk carpets without help.

  • Lay them in low foot traffic areas: We understand that you’d want the living room of your house to look stunning because that’s where you entertain your guests. However, because silk carpets need a lot of care, ensure you put them in a room with low-traffic areas. For example, if you seldom have guests in your place, the living room would be the best place for a silk carpet. But if you have a big family, it’s not ideal to have a silk carpet in the living room because the area would witness heavy foot traffic, which means there are higher chances of the carpet getting spoiled.
  • Prevent stands and spills: Prevent any mishaps happening on the silk carpet by avoiding eating and drinking on the carpet, which rules out the idea of placing the carpet under a dining table. You will be careful with the carpet, but if any spillage occurs, the liquid stains will lead to the retaining of moisture, causing mould and dew. To remove the stains, immediately air dry the carpet, use your best spot removal cleaner, and again put it out to air dry.
  • Weekly vacuum is a must: Once you have a silk carpet in your home, say goodbye to your laziness because you must at least vacuum the carpet once a week. Make sure to use the brushless suction head when doing, so the fibres are not damaged. 
  • Please get rid of dirt buildup: It is one thing to vacuum your carpet and another to dust it regularly to avoid dirt buildup. You can use a broom or stick to beat up the carpet after hanging it on a clothesline to eliminate dirt and dust. You can even shake the carpet outside to eliminate any unpleasant odour.


Please avoid using any harsh chemicals to clean silk carpets and keep them away from too much heat. Once in a while, it will be worth seeking professional cleaning help to ensure your carpet stays as good as new.

Edith Lindsay