6 Exculsive interior designs that you can not get your eyes off

Beautiful house design ideas usually incorporate Nordic design functionality, romantic embellishments, and unexpectedly warm ethnic wall decors. These trends allow you to mix classic and pure, minimalist contemporary design and, to some extent, experiment with brilliant and dramatic colours to decorate your living room.

Because there are so many options, we’ve compiled a list of the top 6 modern ideas by interior designers in pune to dazzle your guests.

  • The environment’s theme

Natural materials, neutral colors, natural fabrics, and bold colour decorations are all great choices for giving your decor a modern-day yet vintage feel, especially on the living room walls.

Rich green, golden, or brilliant yellow tropical sand and a gorgeous ocean theme with turquoise blue tones, for example, are some profitable interior themes that can easily pacify the children in your home.

  • Theme of Ceramics and Leather

Modern ceramic tile designs may instantly improve the look of your living space by using stone or wood textures. While glossy and mirrored tile designs can illuminate and make a space appear larger, ceramic tile designs produce optical illusions, startling geometric patterns, and also make a room appear larger.

  • Leather wall panels

Leather wall panels are an excellent choice for a warm design motif. Soft, warm leather wall panels are instilled by distinguished interior designers in Pune in order to produce a one-of-a-kind and amazing theme in your home.

  • Simple Theme

Ethnic and Scandinavian interior designers in Pune are excellent choices for creating a calm and pleasant atmosphere in your home’s living room. Using neutral white tones on the walls may transform even the most congested room into a modern one, giving you the added benefit of establishing a tailored backdrop for displaying ethnic vintage interior designers in Pune accents and exotic home furnishings.

  • Theme of a brick wall

The brick wall design idea emphasises your living and dining areas while also incorporating Scandinavian touches into your home with minimal effort. Wood walls, on the other hand, are viewed as appealing due to their beautiful and warm nature. This motif provides an appealing one that can fit everyone in your home, regardless of what time of day it is, and complements the traditional personal theme with its stark white and black colour schemes.

  • Theme of decorative painting and mirrored

You can instil personality into your interior walls and create depth in your living area by incorporating country scenes, cartoon themes, landscapes, delicate trellis branches, and a variety of other inventive artworks. Eye-catching characteristics such as faux bois, gilded leaves, and trompe l’oeil can be useful for implementing innovative solutions.

The simplest approach to making your living space more appealing is to include a vibrant mirror, which reflects light and creates illusions, creating favourable emotions based on the light’s hues. A geometric mirrored panel on one wall can help distinguish your children’s playroom from the other walls in the space.

  • Theme of wallpaper and fabric

While graphic designs and lovely blooms have been on display for years on everything from closets and bookcases to framed paintings and ceilings, wallpapers have an undesirable effect on your décor.

Fabric compositions like linen and silk are forever elegant. While these fabrics may instantly add texture and formality to a room, there is an added benefit when paired with matched padding or batting: they help reduce noise between adjacent rooms.


Kathy McDonough