6 Tips On How To Properly Communicate With Your Roofing Contractor

One of the keys to any roofing project success is proper communication between the client and the roof contractor. Without this, there’s bound to be a lot of conflict along the way. This can cause delays, and could sometimes even cause added expenses. To clear the air between you and your roofing contractor tualatin or, here are some key things you can do as a client.

Be accessible

Your roof contractor would want to be able to contact you regarding things he or she is unsure of regarding your project. You should be available for these consultations. Allow your contractor to ask you about how you want the project to be done. Even if the details inquired about have already been discussed in your previous meeting, let him or her clarify again anytime before and during the project.

Voice out your concerns

Do not be shy about your concerns. During your meeting, freely express your budget limits, security concerns, inquiries after guarantees and after-sales setup. Ask about the insurance of the workers, how long they have been working with roofs and roof issues, the time table, and contract conditions. If you have feelings of uncertainty, do not hold back. Ask away. Contractors are supposed to make their clients secure. Do not be afraid of sounding suspicious because the best roof contractors know how to treat their clients well during these meetings.

Get into the small details

If you would want to have your roofs repaired, state what kind of repair you would want to be done. Are you looking for gutter bracket replacements? Do you need gutter declogging? Tile replacement? Also give your roof contractor the leeway to inspect your roof and recommend works that need to be done. Be a bit more flexible with the budget and the time table whenever needed.

Reasonable deadlines

If you want your roof contractor to produce high-quality work, you cannot rush things too much. You have to give the contractor a reasonable timeline. In fact, during your first meeting, this is one of the first things you should clarify. How much time will they need to work on your roof? How much allowance do they need should something go wrong. For example, if a part of the roof suddenly gives way, you should not demand that the project be finished at the original deadline.


It would be good to study up on the procedures that need to be done to your roof. Of course your contractor can explain things to you but it’s still better if you also have extra information. You can also familiarize yourself with the jargon. This way, when your contractor talks to you about the roofing project, you can understand exactly what he is talking about.

Keep connected

Do not cut off your contact even after the project has been done. Just keep your roof contractor in your phonebook until up to a year after the project. This will make it easier for you to claim guarantees after the project. If the contractor needs to fulfill a back job, at least he’s just a call away. If you’re happy with the work done, this will make maintenance projects easier to set up as well.

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