9 tips to become a better illustrator

Like with every other form of art, illustration is a field that you could grow in and become extremely good at.

Experts are highly sought after in every field of life. It is therefore important that one strives to become extremely good in their chosen field of work. When you are an expert, you will get more clients and will even command higher rates for the work that you do.

Here are some tips that you could follow to grow your illustration skills and become an expert.

Consistent practice

To improve your skills in making illustrations, it is important that you practice consistently. Most experts talk of daily practice as being the best way to grow your skills.

Carve out some time in your schedule to intentionally practice your illustration skills every day. Within a few months, you will discover that your work is quite elegant and looking more like an expert’s work rather than a novice’s product.

Find a mentor

Your mentorship relationship does not have to be an actual relationship. You can easily find from a quick Google search several expert level illustrator portfolios that you would want to emulate. Set their level of skill as your goal and start working towards it.

Also, you can easily get onto the numerous online educational platforms that offer free or paid videos on illustration. Follow one of the video lessons from beginning to end and seek to internalize its lessons rather than copying them.

Define your workflow

Workflow defines how you work. This in turn determines your end product. Define your workflow for yourself. Your mentor may have a different way of working and you may be tempted to copy it. There is no harm in copying if it helps improve your productivity. However, it is much better if you defined and followed your own style of work.

Seek feedback

While working by yourself, you may only see the positives of the work that you are doing. However, it is important that you seek out feedback from other experienced illustrators.

Having an extra set of eyes go through your work ensures that your progress can be independently verified. In addition, you are able to identify areas that you need to make improvements in.

Get competent in using all the illustration tools

To become a better illustrator, it is important that you can easily find your way around all the technology used in illustration.

This will ensure that you are always up to date with the current technology in your field of work. This also helps to keep you confident that you can handle any task that comes your way.

Take up more work

If you are a freelancer or an employed illustrator, seek to take up more challenging tasks. This will help you in gauging the progress that you have made form your daily practice.

Also, it helps you learn new skills and also showcase the new skills that you have learned in your practice period.

Come up with original ideas

A lot of times we want to copy other people’s work. As we are brainstorming and researching on illustration ideas, we sometimes come across products that captivate us. We even feel that if I can replicate such a product, I will have done well.

In our quest to become an expert illustrator, our focus should be on producing original ideas and illustrations. Gaining inspiration form others is allowed, however, let your focus be on the original end product.

Be flexible

As an expert illustrator, you will need to be flexible enough to take up any type of work that comes your way. At expert level, you need to be comfortable in handling any illustration challenge that you may encounter even if it’s not in your style.

At expert level also, you should also be competent in using the numerous illustration technologies and tools available in the market.

Teach others

When you help others improve on their skills, you improve yours too. Seek avenues to help as many illustrators as possible to improve their skills.

Edith Lindsay