Advantages Of Using Virtual Home Staging

An adage says that a picture is worth a thousand words. In the case of selling a house, this is true, and that is why many buyers take due advantage of the opportunities offered by the real estate market and buy and sell digitally.

Keep in mind that today we buy from the comfort of our house. The same happens with the floors, and it is that seeing pictures of an apartment and visiting it even in a virtual way is saving time and money, as well as helping with decision making.

The positive points of virtual staging make it worthwhile to investigate how it works and also know the advantages of it.

·         Saves Time and Money

Having a flat for sale on the internet means that any visitor can see it at any time and from any place. This is an advantage for the owner and the future buyer since it saves on visits and consultations. Everything is on the web!

·         Customize Our Floor and Increase its Value

Think that a blank piece of furniture can lose its value and attractiveness when it lacks furniture. Not having all the furniture is a disadvantage that in this case, has a solution. By furnishing our apartment in a “virtual” way, we managed to take advantage of the space, gain in the image and take advantage of the full potential of digital technology to put the floor to our liking. In short, we improve the purchase possibilities.

·         We Gain in Visits and Visibility

The digital platforms and webs that sell more floors are those that sell properties with all kinds of details of the apartment (photography, floor condition and information of all types) and it is that giving the visitor the possibility of seeing an apartment generates confidence and greater visibility of the property.

·         Safe and Fast Means of Sale

Complete the entire process of virtual home staging takes just a couple of days, in the case that we decide to put ourselves in the hands of a real estate agency to do the whole process this should be done in less than a week.

·         Differentiation of Other Properties

Think that this type of virtual recreation is like visiting a 3D floor, the only thing that we can define all the characteristics from the colour of the walls, furniture, condition of the rooms, and so on. Another advantage is that the floors that are under construction or plan can be designed in a personalized way before finishing, which gives a lot of play to the future buyer to see the house as a recreation.

Kathy McDonough