Broken Toilet Indicators

Our toilets are often one of the most critical components of our homes, so when they malfunction, it can be very unpleasant. In most cases, a plunger can solve the problem, but there are occasions when the damage is too significant. Leaks, for instance, may cause water damage to your flooring or the entirety of your home.

Instead of allowing the repercussions to become probable, you should get quick assistance from a Salt Lake City 24-hour plumber such as Towers Plumbing. With seven decades of experience, they are certain to have a solution that is both effective and safe for flushing away your troubles.

Running Without End

Only when you flush your toilet should you hear your toilet roar. Hence, you should be worried if you listen to it going off continuously, especially late at night. In addition to being annoying, this may signal a flush valve overfilling as a result of a leak.

Before calling Towers Plumbing for assistance, open the back of the toilet and locate the flapper to determine whether this is the issue. During operation, this flap functions as a valve, admitting and expelling water. If this section is compromised, water will continue to fill the tank until it overflows into your bathroom.

Cracked Bowl or Seal

Due to the fact that your toilet should not be leaking, observing a puddle around it may give you concern. When a toilet ages, the porcelain becomes worn and brittle. If the rest of your toilet is functioning well, you should have the bowl inspected before it cracks or falls apart. Carefully inspect the seal at the bottom of your toilet for cracks or breaks since these might lead to wastewater leaking into the floor.

Flushing Problems

If your toilet does not flush its first time, you may assume a blockage is to blame. Yet, this is only sometimes the case. Even when blockages occur at random, you may have a problem if you must continually take out the plunger. If you have an older toilet, the low-flush style will lead to clogs faster.

In these cases, installing a modern toilet with a low-flow system is more useful and energy-efficient. In no time, a single flush can use as little as two gallons of water as opposed to seven. Towers Plumbing is committed to helping you save money and will assist you in locating the finest replacement model before installing it.

The Bowl Does Not Refill

When you flush the toilet, you anticipate that it will immediately refill with fresh water. If something does not occur as planned, there may be an underlying issue that must be resolved. For instance, if it takes a long time for your toilet to refill completely or if the bowl remains empty after many flushes, your home’s water supply must be repaired. This may be the result of clogged pipes or a more severe issue, such as a wastewater backlog caused by plumbing issues or flooding. Continue flushing it since it will do more damage.

Call a Plumber at the First Sign of an Issue

Take a few steps on your own to ensure that your toilet is operating properly. In addition to unclogging it as necessary and examining the valves, you can employ natural cures such as baking soda. Nonetheless, the greatest outcomes may be obtained by contacting Towers Plumbing.

Their business has been running for nearly 75 years, but its tools and concepts still need to be updated. They are continually changing and training themselves in order to guarantee 100 percent customer satisfaction and long-lasting solutions. They never use harmful chemicals that might damage your pipes to repair toilets, nor will they mislead you about your alternatives. You only receive functional and cost-effective responses.

When toilets begin to leak or become blocked, this may quickly disrupt your daily routine. Hence, Towers Plumbing will not make you wait until business hours to receive assistance. When you need them, do not delay in calling. Even after business hours, they will dispatch a professional plumber to get you back on track immediately.

Although blockages are a typical occurrence in every household, a toilet should be addressed. Yet, you cannot predict the extent of the harm these obstructions might do to your pipes. If your unit is suddenly causing you trouble, don’t hesitate to contact Towers Plumbing and obtain a staff that “towers” over other Salt Lake City contractors!

Kathy McDonough